Home Automation: 7 Reasons To Consider It

home automation

Home Automation is one of the newest home technologies. A while back, fully automated homes were just things you could see in cartoons or movie. Now, however, automated technology is slowly taking the front seats in this century. On the works is automated driving, but automated homes are now trending and updates are getting better by the day. Interestingly, not a lot of people think that automation technology has made enough progress to make it worth ”smartening” up the home. Here’s the catch; having an automated home means being able to control your security system and cutting energy costs. If that sounds like a good idea then here are some good reasons why you should consider home automation:

1. Home Automaton For Security and  small appliances

During the times when you have to travel, you already have an assistant. Now you don’t have to worry about finishing all the food in your fridge when you’ll just be gone for two days. Your home automation system can help you regulate the appliances and lights in the house. Also, you can control your security and alarm system. You can as well monitor your house, turn on the lights before you get home, and set your multimedia system to record new shows when programs change.

In terms of security, smart homes are user-friendly. They usually feature video or voice intercom for gates and front doors. There are also motion sensors, security cameras and activated lighting in different rooms. Thus, you can see when a visitor arrives or alert the police if its a thief. With your smart home having a front door camera, you can see any visitor and even respond to them audibly. It will seem as though you’re home even when you’re far away from home.

2. Home Automation Allows for Total Control of your Environment

A smart house does this effortlessly. It allows you to personalize different rooms and spaces for music, mood, light, and temperature. Imagine the possibilities! This means you can easily set a cozy mood within your house during a rainy or hot day or a romantic feel with lights in your house. The possibilities are endless. You can schedule these changes by pre-programming and saving the settings on your system.

3. Home Automation is Perfect For Energy Conservation

Property management agents and homeowners can properly and closely monitor water and energy usage. Using energy management software, you can monitor your home with detailed reports. You can as well request reports for each device and room or area. This way, energy consumption levels are quick and easy to find. So this way, when you go on a holiday and you need to water your flows, your moisture sensors (incorporated into your system) can take charge. They can also measure the energy usage of individual appliances, letting you find out whether an older unit is draining too much energy.

Also, using a smart home can help you use water better. Adding a sprinkler to your home automation system can help you navigate how long water should run. On the long run, you’re also saving yourself a lot of water.

4. Home Automation will alert you on maintenance

Your smart home lets you in when there are updates or upgrades needed. For instance, if your freezer is not reaching the proper temperature, it can alert you. It can also give you a future projection of your appliances. For example, if your freezer is going to have an issue. This is a better option than coming home and noticing all your food is spoilt.

5. Home Automation Doesn’t need key locks

Gone are the days where you have to have thousands of padlocks for your home. You can just have electronic door locks that have numeric keypads. Then you=u can tie those devices into your smart home system. You will then be able to unlock your doors through a smartphone app. This way, even when you’re not in the house, you can open the door for anyone you may have been expecting. In addition, you can type all of your home’s locks into your home automation system. That way, even if you’re someone who always forgets passwords, you can have peace of mind.

6. Home Automation gives better Convenience and comfort levels

A smart thermostat can help with just the right temperature to get you started for the morning. It will also use motion sensors in different rooms to determine which room is occupied. Then, it lowers or increases the temperature of the room depending on their desired temperature. This is perfect for rooms that are always too cold or too hot.

7. Home Automation is great for watching kids

For parents, this is the perfect tool. This way, you can monitor your children’s activity and make sure that they are doing as they should. Usually, as parents, they know a child’s attention can dwindle. With the home automation, they can ensure that each child does his/her chores as well as assignments before going to bed or dinner. Technically, it is a better way of enforcing rules especially when you’re not around. You can also monitor the activities of others who may be assigned to care for them. Technically, it is the ultimate tool for ensuring that demands are met and everything is in order.


Having to give your appliance voice commands, activating various features of your smart home system and safeguarding your home while using a smartphone app can be extremely comforting and money saving in the long run. It is also a lot of fun. The fact that you can get everything done at the touch of your device is another level of comfort unlocked. However, this may not be the main reason to invest in a home automation system. Your reasons may vary considering that we have just listed so many for you. Not only do you get the peace of mind you have always wanted, but also you can do all at ease. You can take your time to learn more about smart homes and as well look out for video samples.

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