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The convention on the future of intelligence Industry and organisations took place last year (2018). During the program. The former Director of National Intelligence pointed out that the change of the American intelligence industry and community must be an evolution and not a revolution. Hence, the community must be inventive and adaptable, able to embrace advanced technologies if and when they come.

Intelligence industry and communities are now at a crossroads. The increasing creation of technologies. Which includes AI, Blockchain, Robotics, Big Data has altered everything. The multiplication of technologies, can make data openings/breaches, create risks for intelligence agencies. Furthermore, they are affordable and universal, and someone could use it for wicked intent.

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Recent technological breakthroughs made intelligence  industry organisations context the established facts that have formed their undertakings. The hierarchical and industrial make-up of these organisations is changing, rotating around the incorporation of new technologies.  With conventional intelligence work and redefining of humans roles in the process of intelligence.

Intelligence Industry : Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

OSINT, Open Source Intelligence, for instance, was created by the intelligence community to describe unclassified information available to the public.

We see this information as lowly in contrast to classified information. Hence, investments in OSINT technologies were a lot lower in compared with other technologies. But that is now in the past as the agencies realize that it is relatively easy to acquire OSINT.

The use of OSINT by intelligence organisations is still quite cumbersome. This has to do with slow and difficult incorporation of classified and unclassified information Tech environments.  Therefore, intelligence industry executives argued that one of the IT community biggest challenges is the efficient fusing of OSINT in its work processes.

Innovation in technology is vital to the intelligence industry work profession. But, if we have to process, analyse, interpret, and act on intelligence, human skills, with all its limitation, is superior. That the multiplicity of data sources are a better system of prioritisation and analysis, is not questionable. But who should have the supremacy? Humans or machines?

The Intelligence Industry: Huge data Is from the Spy Business.

This topic is delicate. Intelligence industry experts say there is no alternative for human reasoning. That artificial intelligence cannot fully grasp the full range of factors in strategic decision-making. That it cannot evaluate theoretical matters in the exposition of human- behaviour.

Machines collect data and identify patterns, but they can never interpret reality as a human will do. There is also the moral association of depending on machines for situations involving life.

In contrast, tech enthusiasts believe that human supremacy is giving way to superiority in technology. The contribution of human beings is still very significant, but their role is not the most important in the process. How can the average intelligence industry staff handle the constant volume of data the world produces?

The Intelligence Industry and Education

In the past eleven years, the volume of studying needed of an average intelligence research office increased from 20,000 to 200,000 words per day. Going by forecasts, the amount of data the world will produce in 2025 will be ten times more than the volume produced today. Many believe that computers can only process this huge volume of data.

Supporters for the consolidation of computers into the work of intelligence did not remove all human involvement. The issue is on who will help who, machines aiding man or man helping machines.

Most agree that the secret to taking intelligent locality into the 21st century is in destroying organisational barriers. Which includes,the services within the national security, the public and private sector, the academia and the intelligence services of other countries.

It is not surprising that the pressure towards tech innovation is part of the on-going intelligence movement. The national security initiation accepts that the private sector and academia are the main drivers of technological innovation.

The Intelligence Industry – The New Order Of Intelligence

We need a new order of intelligence work, so, therefore, intelligence industry organisations are currently redefining. Ancient divisions between collection and research, security organisations, the public, and private sectors, become outdated.

This is not an attempt to carry out technical improvement: but there is a requirement of the revaluation of the discipline and the relationships that intelligence organisations have with their environments. This is from decision making, to the making of new ideas and structures.

Furthermore, there are higher matters to resolve. Lawmakers need to create a platform that incorporates data analysis in such a manner that takes the ominous aspects of these technologies into account. And also secure the rights of people.

In spite of the recognition of the profound changes taking place around them, modern-day intelligence institutions are built and operate in the spirit of Cold War conceptions. Intelligence industry and organisations have not adopted the challenges that designate present.


This is a challenge which demands dumping the two distinct parts of understanding of the intelligence establishment. And also, having the right perception of the intelligence concept and government institutions. As having a sole right on information and knowledge, ideas that have become outdated in the age of suburbanisation, networking, and growing wealth.

Majority of people are not sure of the ability of intelligence organisations to modify and adapt to the challenges coming in the future. It is vital that they must do so in an age where speed and relevance will determine who prevails.

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