Top 15 Science Innovations in 2019

science innovations

Science innovations are getting more advanced by the day. With so many inventions are at fore, one can only imagine the endless possibility of a science solving world. Compared to older years, the level of technology is higher.

This year, we witness some ground-breaking inventions that have so far aided the human race. Here are some top 15 innovations making waves in 2019:

Top 15 Science Innovations: #1 Gravity Blankets

Gravity Blankets are one of the latest 2019 inventions. Recently, a vast amount of people suffer from numerous mental breakdown. These mental health issues have become a global factor where over 700,000 people commit suicide in a year.

science innovations

Gravity Blankets are one of the recent solutions. The blanket helps in reducing stress and anxiety. Engineered to be around 10% of your body weight, it is sure to help ease some mentally induced stress. In addition, it gives you the desired comfort during the hot and cold days.

Top 15 Science Innovations: #2 Cow Free Burgers

Recent research by the U.N has shown that the world is expecting 9.8 billion people by 2050. Not only will there be more people, but also, they will be richer. It is a general notion that richer people tend to eat more meat. By that date, it has been calculated that humans will eat 70% more meat than they did in 2005. It turns out that breeding animals simply for human consumption is a great disadvantage to the eco-system.

science innovations

Thus, meat-free burgers are now under observation. Cow-free burgers are made from lab-grown meat extracted from animal tissue. Producing cow free burgers will mean there will be 4-25 times more water, 6-17 times more land, and 6-20 times more fossil fuels. Today, plant-based burgers are now widely available.

Top 15 Science Innovations: #3 Custom Cancer Vaccines

The Custom Cancer Vaccines trigger a person’s immune system to identify the tumor’s unique mutations. Unlike chemotherapy which also destroys healthy cells, the vaccines only kill cancerous cells.

science innovations

Currently, there are new manufacturing techniques that can produce thousands of personalized vaccines cheaper and quicker. The immunotherapeutic segment of personalized cancer vaccines is predicted to reach $100 billion in 2024. This is almost 60% of the market share.

Top 15 Science Innovations: #4 Gut Probe in a Pill

This device is small and swallowable. However, that’s not the catch. The catch is its ability to capture detailed images of the gut without anesthesia. It even works in children and infants.

science innovations

Environmental enteric Dysfunction (EED) is one of the major diseases that this device can help detect. Thus, aiding intervention.

Top 15 Science Innovations: #5 Smooth Talking AI Assistants

The newest versions of Artificial Intelligence are now more active. New AI is being designed to have more organic conversations.

science innovations

This gives it a more life-like appearance and allows users to have a wider and more enjoyable experience.

Top 15 Science Innovations: #6 An ECG on your Wrist

With the ECG-enabled smart wristwatches, heart abnormalities can be detected before they cause heart attacks or strokes.

science innovations

Last year, Apple released its own FDA-cleared ECG feature embedded in their wristwatches. Having this makes it easier to quickly detect and treat heart-related issues on time before it becomes catastrophic.

Top 15 Science Innovations: #7 Robot Dexterity

Robot Dexterity is another advancement in the robotics world. Scientists are currently working on life-like robots that can do more human characteristics.

science innovations

One of the closest developments to Robot artistry is Dactyl. The robot has taught itself to flip a toy building block in its fingers. The global robotics market is also predicted to reach just over $500 billion by 2025.

Top 15 Science Innovations: #8 Predicting Preemies

With the predicting preemies, test blood can be used to determine whether a woman is going to have premature babies or not.

With this discovery, Doctors can take precaution methods to give the unborn baby a better chance of survival.

Top 15 Science Innovations: #9 Sanitation without Sewers

Over 2 million people in the world have bad sanitation. The absence of proper toilets in certain places has increased the high rate of poor hygiene. This encourages people to drop feces in ponds and other unexpected places spreading parasites and bacteria that cause cholera and diarrhea. In Africa, $5.5 billion dollars has been spent.

science innovations

The new advancements are toilets that do not need sewers. They are self-contained, can dispose of waste and treat it as well. Plans are also being made to make these toilets cheaper and more available worldwide.

Top 15 Science Innovations: #10 LynQ

The LynQ is a device that helps you find anyone, especially at really crowdy places. Technically, you can be at rest.


This device allows you to easily spot out your loved one when you haven’t seen them around you in really rowdy areas.

Top 15 Science Innovations: #11 Eargo

Eargo is designed for people with mild or moderate ear loss. This is a new advancement designed to help people suffering from hearing loss to hear again and better this time.

science innovations

With this comfort product, users can easily use it without any fear of side effects.

Top 15 Science Innovations: #12 The Mirror

If you’re a fitness lover, then you should know about this new invention. The Mirror helps take your home fitness into another level.

science innovations

It helps you stream live fitness workouts and also offers an interactive fitness coach. It is a perfect addition to the fitness world as it’s not just fun but helps to burn a lot more fat.

Top 15 Science Innovations: #12 Zipline

Talk about a new and fast approach to saving lives. This California-based startup intends to use drones to save numerous lives.

science innovations

The startup uses their drones in remote areas across the world to help deliver vital supplies including blood. Their latest drone invention can carry up to almost 2 kilos at 18kph for as much as 160 kilometers round trip.

Top 15 Science Innovations: #13 Solar Charged Jacket

This is a perfect jacket for night runner. Created by U.K based sports gear startup, Vollebak, this jacket is magical.

science innovations

The solar charged jacket has a phosphorescent membrane that absorbs light in the day. At night, it releases a ”kryptonite green energy” so that people who run at dark can be safe.

Top 15 Science Innovations: #HabitAware

Have a bad habit you would like to let go of? Then try buying this band.

science innovations

Also, As a nice reminder, the fashionable keen band vibrates at the times it notices you doing a bad habit.

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