Will AI cause mass unemployment?


AI-based systems and chatbots are taking every industry and the whole world by storm. Everyone is getting concerned. The major one being that AI will most likely take over everyone’s jobs, especially at the rate of breakthroughs it is achieving. With newer upgrades, the limits to Artificial Intelligence is endless.

With the massive upgrade of technology in recent years, computers are encroaching faster on domains that were previously considered for only humans. The awestruck progress in AI, robotics, 3D printing, and genetics have allowed computers to perform the tasks of medical doctors, architects, and even music composers. As much as they play a major role in making processes and tasks better, their influence on human-centered jobs and capabilities in the workplace has been an increasingly major debate. As Artificial Intelligence progresses, there is a large number of people who believe that it will inevitably take over large sectors of the workforce. Thus bringing mass-scale unemployment and social unrest. The jobs most people are doing will get automated or non-existed.

AI still needs Humans

Just like websites, all the systems need maintenance and constant updating. No matter how super-efficient and advance AI may become, some jobs are still better done by humans. This is inclusive of hairdressers, personal trainers, therapists, and doctors.

There are two sides to this. Technology experts believe that robots and AI are ready to replace human in their jobs. However, historians and economists are of the belief that an AI revolution or any new technology will always create more jobs than they destroy.

A lot of articles written today about AI interruption forget to account for new developments and fields that will emerge as a result. In truth, it’s quite difficult to image what career options will exist in the future. For instance, no one would have imagined there would ever be social media marketers and managers before the advent of the internet. We believe it is just unnecessary drama to choose to ignore the new fields and roles AI will create even if it destroys some on the basis of outdatedness.

AI Reports

An OECD report has stated:

history has shown that when technological progress accelerates, so do growth, living standards, and employment.”

Technically, the only way to be sure about AI bringing mass unemployment is to look into history. Since the beginning of the First Industrial Revolution, talks on Technology has always been fears of mass unemployment. A lot of technology critics believe that the reduction in human labor and time required to produce goods and services to be one of the scariest effects of technological growth



In the 1940s, human operators did almost everything. From plugging wires into boards to routing and switching almost all telephone calls. The volume of telephone calls in the U.S, for instance, has increased so much currently. So it means if the work were to be done manually, it would require more than half the adult population of the country as telephone operators. In truth, technology and particularly computing technology eliminates jobs. The goals of technology, however, is to reduce resources needed to accomplish a result and increase productivity and standard of living.

The former U.S president, President Barrack Obama advocated that the high unemployment rate was related to a lot of things. People were using ATMs instead of bank tellers. Also, there were airport check-in kiosks instead of live agents. In addition, telephone switchboard operators dropped from 421,000 in 1970 to 164,00 in 1996. The jobs that required selling, building and repairing typewriters is no longer existent. When the Web and other electronic technologies came to play, more jobs were lost. Travel agencies closed don because consumers could easily make airplane reservations online. The advent of online shopping and self-service also reduced the need for sales clerks. A large number of music stores were closed. Jobs in the printing industry as well, declined because music, newspapers, books, and magazines went digital.


AI Creates More Jobs

Contrary to a lot of fears, a successful technology eliminates some jobs but creates others. Although e-commerce and automatic checkout in stores have reduced demand for sales clerks, it doesn’t mean there are fewer people in the jobs. In fact, employment increased by 3% in the retail sector between 2003 and 2006. Overall employment also increased by 6% according to the Economic Policy Insitute. In 1996, the World Wide Web contributed to the creation of over 90,000 new internet-related jobs

A while ago, listening to quality music was a luxury for a lot of people. Only the rich could hire a professional musician to perform for them. Technology, including radio, DVDs, electricity, CDs, smartphones, iPods, data-compression, the Web and algorithms made it easier. The cost of an individual performance reduced and it became accessible to almost everyone. Now, tens of thousands of musicians make a living singing different songs. This is simply because they have a wider market reach.

Thus, technology brings the cost of a product or service down so as to expand the market. This way, more people can work in the field and make more money. Even though new technology reduces employment in some areas, it is short term. However, it is obvious that computer technology did not and does not cause mass unemployment.



In conclusion, we believe AI is not going to cause any mass unemployment. Of course, there will be some jobs that will be extinct. However, it will create room for more jobs. In addition, a lot of companies may want to lay off a lot of workers. It is in this same energy that other companies would need more humans. The only people/ firm likely to suffer from this are the ones using outdated technology. It is important to go with time and learn new skills. This way, everyone can easily adjust to new trends. Also, if you’re one of the first sets of people to learn new technological skills, you’ll definitely be a hot cake in the business world. We believe that rather than mass unemployment, more jobs and opportunities will be created.

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