Top 6 Amazing Tech Gadgets For 2019

tech gadgets

The first half of 2019 alone has given us some of the most amazing tech gadgets. One can only wonder what’s next in store for the remaining parts of the year, When you’re insisting on only having the best gadgets in your life, we’re sure money is not the issue. If you’re ready to spend on great gadgets, you want to ensure that you’re actually getting the best on the market. In this article, we will be writing to you some of the greatest gadgets so far that is worth every penny you spend.

1. Best Tech Gadgets (Phone) Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

Samsung Galaxy is arguably the best phone in the market right now. There are so many reasons why this is true but the one that really gets us excited is the low-light camera. As expected, Samsung is making a big deal about the camera on the S9 range and for a very good reason. On the back of the S9 Plus are dual 12MP cameras. Both have an impressive f/1.5 maximum aperture. Right now, the S9 range is the only phone with a camera aperture so wide. Thus, making its low-light perfection second-to-none.

tech gadgets

An added advantage is its ”infinity” screen. This screen has made the Samsung Galaxy range famous and its big-screen beauty easily takes the top spot. While we thought the AR Emoji feature was overrated, we had a rethink. If you’re in the market for the best screen and camera on a phone, then you should totally try out this phone.

2. Best Tech Gadgets (Laptop) Huawei MateBook X Pro

The Huawei MateBook X Pro is our pick for the best laptop in 2019. While Huawei has not been making laptops for as long as more established manufacturers, it has completely knocked out everyone else out of the park with their MateBook X Pro.

This beautifully designed laptop has everything you can imagine. It has a stunning screen and is also packed with cutting edge components that allow it to have a brilliant performance. It is as well equipped with a battery life that rivals any other. The price of this laptop is very competitive. Yet it gives you features, designs and performance for a lesser price than you will get from other brands.

3. Best Tech Gadgets (TV) Samsung Q9FN QLED

It is not surprising that Samsung will come back in 2019 with a spectacular TV. With a jaw-dropping HDR picture quality, powerful and well-rounded sound limited viewing angles, the Q9FN QLED is the best so far. Compared to last year’s equivalent model, this TV is brighter and more colorful. Samsung’s 2018 flagship screen actually use a completely different lighting system. This is intended to combat it’s predecessor’s contrast problem: Full Array Local Dimming rather than edge-lit LED lighting. The FALD performs in tandem with Samsung QLED Quantum Dots to bring out a picture that is more colorful and brighter than almost any other manufacturer product.

These features alone are not the reason why Samsung Q9FN is the best in the market. Technology like HDR10+ and Q HDR EliteMax are what are exclusive to the Q9FN. There is little doubt in our minds that this TV is one of the best so far in 2019

4. Best Tech Gadgets (Games Console) PS4 PRO

The battle between Sony’s PlayStation consoles and Microsoft’s Xbox series is always tough. However, right now we think the PS4 Pro has the edge over the Xbox One S or Xbox One X. This is possible thanks to a combination of great games, good hardware, and a generous online offering.

A greater improvement on the already really strong PS4, the PS4 Pro supports 4K and HDR technologies. Also, with advances in frame rate because of beefed-up processing speeds, gaming will look cleaner, better, crisper and smoother.

Technically, the only thing stopping the PS4 Pro from being the ultimate console is the omission of an Ultra HD Blu-ray drive. Rather, you’ll have to rely on streaming to get your 4K media. An alternative is if you’re using Sony’s PS Now service. This service allows the new download feature to play rented games without having your patchy connection dropping or disrupting the resolution. Until we get a firm release date for the PS5, this is currently the best in the market so far.

5. Best Tech Gadgets (Camera) Nikon Z6

The Nikon Z6 is one of the newest cameras in the market now. This full-frame mirrorless, ticks all the boxes for features, performance, and price. With a 24.5MP sensor that offers superb amplified color reproduction and pin-sharp detailing, it is quite unbeatable.

For those with shaky hands, there’s a 273-point autofocus system. Thus, no matter how much your hands are wobbly, it will still maintain its focus. In addition, is a 12fps burst-shooting mode for capturing every moment of a fast-moving scene.

Along with these smart touches, it has an ergonomic body. It is easy in the hand with sensibly-placed controls and a huge and bright EVF. If you’re already on the Nikon train, then you’ll be excited to hear that a simple FZT adapter will allow all your existing F mount lenses work just right. This is one of the reasons why this camera bags the award for the best camera so far.

6. Best Tech Gadgets (iPad Pro 11)

If money is not an issue for you, then you will have no problem getting this tablet. Even till now, there’s never been a finer tablet than the 2018 iPad Pro 11 inch slate. It really is a superb two-in-one when paired with its folio keyboard case. It also has an adorably large touchscreen tablet when flying solo.

Many of the complaints from earlier iPad Pro tablets have been ironed out as well. The Apple Pencil also finally connects to the tablet magnetically. Additionally,  the speakers now have the oomph to match the larger real estate. The screen-to-body ratio as well has been greatly improved to a point where it’s hard to see where Apple can go from here. That’s how great this tab is.

A tough question is if it really is a true laptop replacement. It truly is a question worth considering before proceeding to purchase it.

Having these gadgets may require quite some money. However, one thing is for sure, you’re paying for something good!





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