Are Cryptocurrencies Secure For Online Transactions?

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For a long time, people have been using cryptography to send and receive confidential and relevant messages. Now in this technological era, cryptography in the form of cryptocurrencies is used for everyday online transactions and even trading. Cryptocurrencies are the network that allows us to make safe online transactions.  There will be a lot of peers all around the world. This is in the instance where once we make a transaction using one peer, the data will then be recorded in all other peers for making a safe transaction in the future.

One of the biggest questions that will continue to pop in our minds when making any online trading or transaction is general. The question is ”is cryptocurrency safe for online transactions?”  There are so many threats. For instance, there’s a chance that black hats may hack cryptocurrencies and create a commotion. Consider it in this manner: Why do we paint our walls? One reason is so that it can protect our walls from direct sunlight or rain. We always need a strong shield to protect anything from theft and damages.

Are Cryptocurrencies really safe for Online transactions?

Although, when it comes to our data, we have to be extra careful. This is because your information can be used against you at any time. It is also the greatest of all wealth. When you’re exchanging cryptocurrencies online, make sure that you are only transacting using credible platforms. This is because using these platforms ensures that your transactions and exchanges are safer and more secure. Truly, there are so many cryptocurrency exchange sites to choose from. Make sure when choosing an exchange site, it is a safe and secure one for transactions.

A lot of times, we rely on cryptocurrencies for all our investments, transactions and reading. Being able to decipher the safety of our data is a must. Even though using cryptocurrencies are relatively safe, there are so many chances that they may get hacked. To protect cryptocurrencies, investors must take steps to protect them personally.

Blockchain and VPN for Online transactions

VPN and Blockchain are safer resources that can help protect your data. Platforms like altcoin and Bitcoin use blockchain from their end to protect your data. If you’ve been wondering what a blockchain will do, we have the answer. t is a network where your transitions will be stored in a box. Once the box is filled, your data will be stored in the next box, thus, forming a chain.

VPN for strengthening security for your cryptocurrency online transactions

A lot of private corporate organizations and even governments use VPN to secure their data. Now, VPN has been made available for commercial purposes. It can help secure your data from getting leaked through traffic or connections. Have in mind that hackers are always trying to monitor traffic to hack data. Having a VPN is like having a shield. It acts as a protection against viruses and keeps your information from sources that did not get your access. Using the safest platforms online guarantees you safer exchanges

Can Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies be Hacked?

The strength of a blockchain does not lie in its ability to repel an attack. Technically, it cannot. The strength of a blockchain actually lies in the redundant nature of the distributed ledger technology(DLT). It is quite easy for the dark internet to hack into a mining node and falsify a transaction. However, it is hard for a black hat to hack into every mining at the same time. It is also very impossible to do that and alter the entire blockchain up to that point.

Technically, there is plenty of risk for cryptocurrency investors and traders. Remember this is real money regardless of the form it takes. So, it means that there will be criminals lurking at every digital shadow they can find. Although blockchain and the altcoins are relatively safe from hacking, you still have to connect to the internet to sell or buy them. Sometimes the connection itself can be targeted.

How does Blockchain Work for Online transactions?

Blockchains are actually distributed ledgers. To understand properly, you need to understand what a ledger is. A ledger is a record of transactions. However, a ”distributed ledger” is the one that is shared with a community or the public in order for verification and audit. The best way to sum up the analogy of how blockchain works are the box of checks. Every single check represents a transaction similar to a Bitcoin or other altcoin exchange. As the number of the transactions and checks grow, you will finally fill a book and then a box. This box is like a block in the blockchain. It is a set of a number of transactions that have been bundled together and added to the chain.

Just before the block can be added to the chain, it gets distributed to all the mining nodes on the network. This way, they can each verify that the transactions contained within the block are all valid. Thus, this audit will mean that each unit of cryptocurrency can be traced back through the chain from every transaction to the very point where it was mined. Every node on the network is an independent operator as well as a third-party auditor. In the case where one of the rejects a block, it is invalidated.


Cryptocurrencies are one of the safest ways to do online trading, investments and other transactions. It’s best to do things your own way rather than putting your security in the hands of platforms you’re using. Always make sure you have a backup on your device after every transaction. By the time you maintain a separate record, you will have proof. Thus, you don’t need to depend on others.

Remember that Blockchain will not fight against hacking. However, it will store data on so many platforms. This way, hackers cannot enter all the mines to alter the data. Thus, it will send an alert sign if the data is modified so that it can be easily protected from theft. As discussed earlier, VPN is an effective step you can take from your end to secure your data. Always make sure you use sources available for you to protect your data and make safe online transactions.


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