Huwaei vs White House: Donald Trump Extends Ban

Chinese Telecommunication companies based in the US all seem to be on the hot seat. Donald Trump has extended his order that bans US companies from making transactions with companies deemed as a risk to national security.

Although the ban did not state specific companies, it seemed to target ending US operations with some chinese companies like Huawei and ZTE. As a result, they would most likely not be able to sell their products in the US. They would also not be able to work with companies like ARM or Google for critical licenses and softwares.

The first executive order issued a year ago by the president banned US companies from doing business transactions with Huawei. The major reason for this ban was as a result of security concerns with the Chinese firm supplying equipment for network infrastructure.

The ban has not been fully implemented since declaration in May 2019. Huawei doesn’t have full access to operate in the US. Still the company managed to get temporary general licenses from the Commercial department. This allowed it to support existing hardware with software updates.

Unfortunately all that may change soon. Huawei 45-day extension for the temporary license agreement expires on May 15th. Both parties have not come out to state if an extension of the temporary license will be possible. Guess we have to keep our fingers crossed.

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