7 Ways SEO Can Help Improve Your Marketing Strategy


SEO; can it really do anything? Nowadays, technology is an important tool for businesses whether large or small. It helps you grow your reach 3 times larger than organic marketing will do. There are several ways to using technology to your advantage. One of these is SEO. In case you didn’t know, there are several things SEO can do in terms of your marketing strategy. Majority of web traffic comes directly from search engine. It means that the most important thing you can do to increase your website’s traffic is to improve its search engine ranking. Thus, here are ways you can improve your marketing strategy through SEO:

SEO builds Online Presence

SEO is a practice that helps in building your online presence. Thus, making it easy for targeted customers to find you. Usually, the primary goal of search engines is to estimate the actual content of your site. Once this is done, they decide when and where your site listing will appear in search results. By executing an SEO solution, you’re communicating exactly what your business does to the search engines. To effectively achieve this process, it means communicating with great content, extremely relevant keywords, inbound linking, amongst others.

Selecting SEO Keywords needs time

Keywords selection takes time. However, when you use quality time to find the right keywords, you will be happy about the results. This is because keywords are an important part of SEO. The process of selecting keywords involves writing down as many keywords and phrases as possible. Make sure that these keywords are relevant to your business and industry. Then, it is followed by determining their KEI value to select the best keywords for your website. Technically, its best to end up with a primary keyword for your index page and then a keyword for every page of your website. After it has been selected, make sure the keywords are correctly incorporated in your site. Thus, making it more search engine friendly and suited for the best opportunity for success.

SEO wants you to Create Great Content

Having great content is one of the best things you can do for your SEO. Search engines consider, for the most part, the textual content of a page when determining how to rank it. Each page on your site should be on the topic. It must contain relevant, original and informative text which supports your keywords and areas of expertise. Make sure that your site should represent the authority on the topics you present. The more helpful, user-friendly and topical your contents are, the more valuable your site will appear to search engines. Also, it will make your site more useful to people who are searching for your ”keyword.” Great content really is a weapon you can use to stand out from your competition, large or small. It will make a lot of people want to stay there and make others refer others to your site.

Patience is important

Don’t expect magic after you have set up your SEO. You need to be patient. After you have optimized your site, the next step is to submit it to as many search engines and directories as possible. Make sure you’re not sending to just the major ones. Its also best to understand that getting your site by search engines takes time. Initial results may take several weeks o a few months to be seen. This is dependent on your budget, the search trends and the competitiveness of your keyword. Immediately you start getting quality leads, you would be happy you went through all the process.

SEO is particular about Domain name Relevance

Search engines nowadays take a closer look at the domain name you’re submitting. According to some research, Google’s algorithm may place as much as 10% of importance on domain names and filenames. This is a very good figure, especially because many search engines don’t place that much importance on keyword lists.

Although a lot of businesses use their business name, try something different for SEO purposes. A good alternative is to incorporate your primary keyword within your domain. This helps with reinforcing what your site content does. For instance, if you’re optimizing your index page for Cake baking, the domain name you register should be cakebakers.com. Thus, search engines will see your site as more valid when someone searches that keyword. This is simply because your domain includes your primary keyword phrase. So, if someone randomly types on a keyword phrase ”cake bakers” and there are so many cake bakers on the site, your firm is most likely going to show up first.

SEO is particular about Link Building

Link Building is Necessary. This is another part of SEO. It is necessary that your website is associated with other sites that discuss keywords and topics relevant to your site. Significantly, the links can help you dramatically boost your search engine rankings as well as influence traffic to your site. In fact, quality inbound links are an extremely important external factor affecting search engine rankings.

SEO is an extremely Continuous Process

Consistency is key. For SEO to be cost-effective, it needs consistent monitoring and maintenance. In fact, you can’t be certain of anything. Just when you think you have it all figured out, a search engine will change their algorithm. Another thing that can happen is when a competitor slips behind or ahead of you. In the case where this happens, you will need to make very quick changes. If you’re a very busy business owner, you won’t have time to handle all of this monitoring. This is why it is best to outsource to an SEO professional. It is actually a very smart thing to do. This is because they have knowledge. They will constantly keep an eye on any changes to keep you on top of your competition.

With all of this knowledge, you can use SEO to your advantage. Even though this takes time and money, the results are great. You get the right people coming on your site and as you move on, your costs will be specific.


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