How to Apply for a South Africa Visa

Apply for south african visa

How to Apply for a South Africa Visa, Step by Step Guidance

You can obtain the South African visa with proper guidance and direction. Likewise, you can study this straight forward guide. And find out everything you will need for your South African visa application process. And very soon, you will be on your way to South Africa.

Nigerians need a visitor visa to enter into South Africa.  Hence, with the information in this article, the process becomes easier. First, you have to apply at a VFS Global Centre branch in Abuja, Lagos or Port Harcourt. Likewise, make sure you apply for your South African visitor visa four weeks or more before you travel. Because you have to allow for processing time in other to avoid stress.

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Therefore, before starting the application, you have to check for eligibility to obtain the visa.

South African A Visas Types

Visitors Visa – This is for visiting family or vacationing for a short period and valid for ninety days.

South African Long Stay Visitor Visa –
This is for foreign nationals to stay in South Africa for a period between 3 months and three years.

Business Visa
The reason for applying for a business visa determines how long the permit is useful. A business visa’s validity can be from three to five years.

The Processing Time
The processing time for each application can take a minimum of six working days. Hence, this varies as each application needs to go through an individual assessment.

Visas can be collected at the VFS Global Centre.  They open from Monday to Friday between 11 am11 am to 3 pm3 pm. Except on public holidays and over weekends. Make sure to come with the receipt issued when you submitted the application. You will receive a notification when your application arrives at the South African Embassy. Also, you can monitor your South African visa application online from their site.

South African Visa Costs
Visa Fee is paid in Naira (Inclusive of VAT) Service Fee in Naira (Inclusive of VAT)

Short Term: Holiday Visa ₦8,600,₦8,600, Service fee:fee: ₦25,470
Long Term: Business Visa ₦30,600, Service fee: ₦25,470
Passport Courier Fee: ₦4,500 per passport.

Check out the updated courier service fees on the VFS website.

Furthermore, the South African visa fees can change without notice.  This is because value changes according to the rate of exchange. You can pay in cash at the Bank inside VFS Centre. Come with a copy of the first page of your passport when making the payment.

Visa Requirements

You will need the following documents for a visiting visa application:

  • Passport validity of not less than thirty days after the duration of stay.
  • Two passports of size (45mmx45mm) photograph on white background showing the face.
  • Application Form (BI84), which has been duly completed.
  • Copy of the passport data page, existing and old visas.
  • Introduction letter with your phone numbers and a contact address.
  • Recommendation letter from an employer, if applicable, with the employer’s details.
  • Hotel reservation/bookings must be done with the hotels directly.
  • Copy of vaccination yellow fever card, duly signed.
  • Proof of financial status which can be six months account statements.
  • Support letter from the employer. With six months of statements of account where the employer is the sponsor.
  • Those on official business should attach a letter of invitation for training/conference from the South African company.  So, you must add the details of the company’s representative, address and phone numbers.
  • Birth certificates for children traveling with their parents. Furthermore, where applicable, you must attach with the application consent letter.  And also with copies of the parents’ identification card/passport data page.
  • Marriage certificate where applicable if the stay duration will be for more than 90 days.

Booking A South African Visa Appointment

Each application center for applicable states accepts a fixed number of applications per day. Lagos accepts 230 applications. Similarly, Abuja takes 150, and likewise, Port Harcourt accepts 20. Therefore, go early for the form as early as 7 am. This is to submit in your application in good time and avoid long queues.
There is a photography service at the VFS Visa Application Centres. Photographs go for ₦1,500 for eight copies.

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