How To Fix Faulty Laptop Keyboard

How to fix faulty laptop keyboard

Fixing a Faulty Laptop Keyboard

Having a faulty laptop keyboard can be very frustrating. It will become obvious that something is wrong when you are typing. And that certain keys are not responding. The ‘A” character might come up as ‘$.” Desktop computers have replaceable keyboards, but it ‘isn’t simple for laptops.

Faulty laptop Keyboard: Reasons for Faulty Laptop Keyboard

  • Driver Has Gone Bad: The hardware driver of the Keyboard is corrupt.
  • Dirt/Dust: Dust and dirt settle into the nooks and corners of the keys.
  • Faulty connection: A connection has become Corrupt.
  • Wrong settings: The keyboard settings are of the wrong language and region.

Two of these issues are easy to resolve, but the other two are more difficult.

Faulty Laptop Keyboard: Drivers Has Gone Bad

Updating the driver usually resolves around keyboard matter. To get going, search for Device Manager on your laptop. Or, you can also go to Settings to check for it. You will see a very long list of devices.
Click on the Keyboard and double click on the drop-down option under the Keyboard. A properties box will come up. Navigate to ‘Drivers’ as you either update it or roll it back depending on when last you updated it. If the driver does not work, you can uninstall it and re-boot the windows.


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Faulty Laptop Keyboard: Maintenance and Care

Cleaning a laptop keyboard is quite risky because of its small size and fragility. Applying too much while maintaining might injure and damage the whole unit. In light of this, you can use a soft dusting material to wipe the keyboard keys. Furthermore, you can use wet earbud to clean out the spaces between the keys. Also, by blowing air on the keys, you can get rid of stubborn dust. Also, you can use a soft cloth material for the cleaning.

Faulty Laptop keyboard: Replacing/Repairing

Should there be problems with the connection that affects the efficiency of your laptop, it will need fixing. Note that each laptop is differently configured. The manner of replacement is unique with different manufacturers.
If the model is from the same manufacturer, to open the Keyboard to adjust the connection will be easy. There are countless YouTube tutorials that can teach you how to unclip the Keyboard to in other to get the ID number. However, you can leave this to service centers for optimum results.

Faulty Laptop Keyboard: Faulty Laptop key

If you are getting a different symbol from a key, it may not necessarily be a hardware issue. You can look into the problem to determine if it is a hardware problem. If you are certain that it is, you can do the following:

  1. Win+I will display the settings panel, where you will find time and language. Double click and enter into ‘Region & Language’ settings.
  2. Click on Add Language to determine the appropriate one suitable for you.
  3. Proceed to install it.
  4. Once the installation is done
  5. Open the text editor and check if the keys are working appropriately.


Lastly, if the above proceedings did not produce the desired result, you can purchase a new USB. Or replace the Keyboard with a wireless one if the old one has become irreparable.

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