Google Deletes Seven Android Trackers From Playstore

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Google deletes seven android trackers

Google deletes seven android trackers to protect its users against malicious use of such apps. There exist so many legal and acceptable gadgets and apps that allow you track and follow up with family, Also, are there and available some that are menacing and horrible ones used to spy on and track other people.

Antivirus firm Avast reported the new discovery by their researchers that Google deleted seven android trackers. These spy gadget called “stalkerware” apps are on the Google Play Store. All of which Google has removed.

It is noteworthy that people have downloaded these  android trackers apps more than 130,000 times. Therefore, this suggests that plenty a lot of people are still making use of the  android tracker apps. Similarly, we discover that the spy and SMS  android trackers have the highest number of downloads. Adding to a total of 50,000 downloads for both apps.

Avast’s staff, Jeff Elder, wrote recently that people who want to spy on their partners, employees and family members use these  android  tracker apps. And they do this without the consent of the people they are spying on.

In other to use the spy app, you have first to access the device of the target person you are spying on. After which you install the android tracker app.

It is possible to operate this app without the knowledge of the owner of the phone. As a result, no app icon appears on the handset showing that someone is spying on the phone.

Consequently, the initial download inside the target device leads you to another site to install the real stalkerware. Hence, once the download is over, a prompt will come up to delete the first installation, which also includes the app emblem.

Furthermore, using the app, you can track not only the phone’s location. But, you also have access to the phone list of contacts, but also its call history and SMS list.

Nikolaos Chrysaidos, Head of Avast’s mobile threat intelligence and security, reported the recent events.: He said, “These  android tracker apps are highly unethical and problematic for people’s privacy and shouldn’t be on the Google Play Store.” He continued. “They promote criminality. Employers, abusive partners, and stalkers can use it to spy and possibly harm their unsuspecting victims.”

Google has got a dedicated team whose main task is to eliminate sinister and menacing  android tracker apps out of its Play Store. At the beginning of 2019, Andrew Ahn, Google’s Play manager, said, and I quote. “The company is fervently working on improving its abuse detection technologies and machine learning systems.

Also, it is hiring more product managers, engineers, and operations leaders in keeping malicious apps out of its store.”

But, the problem is the continual uploading of such apps by developers make it challenging. In 2017, Google deleted an overwhelming 700,000 sinister apps from its store. It also banned 100,000 developers from submitting new software in its store,

We contacted Google to find out about its activities to cleanse its store of malicious and stalkerware apps. We will give a report back and update if we receive feedback from them.

Consequently, should you be anxious about the security of the android tracker apps you are downloading from the Play Store on your phone. We advise you to remain with only trusted and well-known brands. You can also search on the internet hit for reviews of the app you are interested in. This will confirm its safety and security.

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