Jumia expands e-commerce in South Africa

Jumia, an African focused e-commerce platform has expanded to South Africa. This is to keep up with the growing demand for deliveries during the worldwide lockdown.

Jumia has faced some challenges in the supply chain which led to suspension on delivering non-essentials items. But it has recorded a remarkable increase in its e-commerce service since the lockdown began.

As a step forward Jumia launched a portal (www.jumia.co.za) on April 9 2020 in South Africa. This site would provide customers with essential hygiene products as well as aid retail distribution across the country.

The launch was achievable through partnership with major consumer goods companies. Companies like Procter & Gamble ( Pampers, Always, and Oral-B) and Reckitt Benckiser (makers of Dettol and Harpic)

Sacha Poignonnec, Jumia co-CEO believes that the launch of the portal, will offer safer shopping solutions to consumers and vendors in South Africa.
Before the launch, Jumia’s presence was limited to Zando, its online shopping platform. Zando however, had to suspend all operations as a result of the lockdown.

According to Grant Brown, CEO of Jumia and Zando South Africa, the platform will leverage on the existing infrastructure of Zando. This will ease the distribution of essential products for consumers and vendors in South Africa.

The company also took extra measures such as contact less deliveries for prepaid packages, to ensure safety of delivery agents, consumers and partners.

Through its partnership with Reckitt Benckiser, Jumia also claims that it will be reinvesting any initial commissions it makes on goods like Dettol, JIK and Harpic into discounts on the consumer price.

A qick peep into the website reveals hygiene and sanitary products from its partners. But, there has only been few grocery items available. According to Brown, the company welcomes more brands and partners in the provision of services on its platform.

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