Gadgets Experts recommend use of mobility info to curb COVID-19

Information and communication technology experts have advised governments at all levels to make use of location data and mobility information. This is to curb the spread of COVID-19 pandemic.

Olusola Teniola, the President, Association of Telecommunications Companies of Nigeria (ATCON) said  “further work needed to be done in using location data and mobility information to stay one step ahead of the spread of this virus.”

Teniola said that satellite technology is useful in remote communities  to  track the pandemic and properly manage it’s spread.

Mobile devices have been used to send SMS(es) and info relating to COVID-19 by NCDC

According to him, the mobile device has been useful especially in the dissemination of information.

“Mobile devices have been used to send SMS(es) and info relating to COVID-19 by NCDC. Other innovative initiatives that provides virtual meetings and e-learning opportunities is also a trending change in consumer behaviour. It will play a significant role as more people connect to the Internet,” he stated.

Chris Uwaje,  the Chief Executive Officer, Mobile Software Solution, said the need to revive the Landlines seems to be a promising option. This will allow them reach remote places better.

Uwaje said policy makers also need to focus on the bigger project ahead, which is,  “applying sociological strategies and tools to re-engineer the mindset of the population. Embark on developing digital smart communities first, before smart cities, to avoid massive urban migration to the cities which may intensify slums and infrastructural collapse. Above all, there is need to retool our institutions, judiciary, build trustworthiness and apply merit-first strategies. This is to accelerate technology presence and engender productivity and sustainable development.”

Acording to him, Nigeria will have to build over two million ICT capacities in different locations over the next three years.

“With her large pool of Youth population (65 per cent), Nigeria stands a lot to gain if we can seize the immense opportunities that would be presented by Post-Covid-19 economic scenario. This comes by retooling the workforce with e-Government, especially at the leadership level,” he stated.

He emphasized the need to promote the National Software Strategic Plan to improve education, agriculture, and health care delivery.

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