Music Fingers is the newest weird beat-making gadget.

The way companies make music gadgets have definitely changed over the years. They now come in different shapes and sizes. Another of these gadgets is the little wearable device known as the Music Fingers. Yes, just as its name sounds, it puts music at your fingertips. It has features that let you tap out beats on any surface.

The Music Fingers is similar to the pulse reader you would see in a hospital. The clip is then via Bluetooth connected to the Music Fingers app on your smartphone. Sounds can then move to the two buttons of the clip. Once you do this, tap away!

This gadget is definitely a weird gadget for making beats. There have been other inventions similar to it like the oddball, which is an actual bouncy ball that’s also a drum machine. There’s also the MIDI rings for performing effects like vibrato with hand gestures. And there’s all-in-one handheld devices like Orba that act as a synth, looper, and controller.

Making physical, gesture-based gadgets for music is a very competitive space. Most companies focus on one of two goals: making music production more accessible to non-musicians or enabling musicians to have more expressive control while performing. Music Fingers falls into the first goal. They say their little thimble-like devices play into the intuitive gesture of tapping along to a song.

While it’s an exciting concept, it ultimately feels like a one-trick pony that has the potential to become frustrating for non-musicians, especially when multiple units come into play.

It is, however, quite pricey at about $70 for two. It would be interesting to see a finger drummer go ham on a track using several Music Fingers.

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