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                                ABOUT LEADSPACE 

Leadspace is for start-ups, freelancers, and small businesses who need an office setting without the high cost of annual rent. Co-working from a shared space might be more appropriate for you.  Hence, co-working involves you working in a common or shared office where everyone is allocated a desk, a WIFI service.  Likewise, a shared kitchen or restaurant, and printing services for monthly, daily, or weekly rental.

Similarly, co-working hubs in Lagos are a recent corporate trend scattered between the mainland and the island.  Therefore, providing a creative place to work, meet clients and collaborate.  Also,  one of such Co-working company which this article is featuring on is Leadspace.

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Leadspace co-working image

According to the CEO of Leadspace. “We are creating the Future of Work… the best environment to work, collaborate, be creative, network and learning. Their co-working spaces are for entrepreneurs/founders of small and medium-sized businesses. So also middle-level corporate executives, independent freelancers, and creative artists.

Certainly, small businesses need the right support system, empowerment environment, and ancillary services. This is so that ensure they stay lean and agile while they grow.

Therefore, below are seven facts about Leadspace, the company in review.   

Several Branches Of Leadspace

Leadspace co-working office

Why restricted to work in one location, when you take advantage of more at the price of one. Entrepreneurs are always on the move, building their clientele base.  Should you be in traffic, at Leadspace, they offer the benefit to work from any of our branches in Lagos.

Their several locations in Lagos demonstrate their attention to detail and passion for meeting the needs of their customers. When you get a primary space at one location, customers also have discounted access to use any other Leadspace location at their convenience.  It is most worthy that they have branches at Yaba, Ikoyi, Ojodu, Victoria Island, Abuja and Owerri, Imo State.

They Offer Community Support


They have a team of skilled people that provide services.  Such as web design, digital marketing, software/app development and more. Thus, redeeming time and money spent on looking for and reinventing solutions.

Furthermore, at Leadspace, they encourage collaboration to develop, expertise, skills, knowledge, and experience.  Similarly, you could be a part of an after-work networking event or meet dozens of others working on creative projects by joining to work with them every day.



There is no workplace distraction; thus, you are better more motivated to work by surrounding yourself with hardworking, focused professionals while you hit those deadlines and grow your company.


Leadspace have various services to their diverse clientele ranging from training and workshops.


This is a 4-day end-to-end training on business analytics for all professionals, including those with no prior analytics experience.

future of work

Legal Consultancy

By using Leadspace, their members will have access to lawyers and legal consult for all your legal needs, from company incorporation to legal document drafting and more.


Accounting Services

At Leadspace, you will have access to an accountant or book-keeper for all your accounting needs. And to meet with the best practices in the industry.

Meeting Rooms

You can hold your meetings in Leadspaces’ meeting rooms. Either corporate or staff meetings, whatever your needs are, we have the meeting room for you at Leadspace.


At Leadspace, they provide their members access to financial aids and possibilities for productive collaborations. Business finance is very crucial, and sourcing for funding could be burdensome.  Their method of leveraging on their network of angel investors and venture capitalists provide a  source of financing for members.

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Media & PR

At Leadspace, you will have access to ad copywriters, media buying consultants, ad agencies, journalist and social media consultants. We help you get your idea known. Every business needs media and public relation services.  Because the creation, distribution, and delivery are essential in a company’s message to its customers.
We know this and continuously looking out for opportunities to present our company on the map and help our co-working community do the same, encouraging growth.       


Leadspace is not an advertising firm, but we understand that start-ups and growing businesses need media & public relation services.  Which made them go into partnership with experts offer our community these specialized services at discounted prices.

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Leadspace provide internship opportunities for undergraduates and graduates. This is done by matching them with firms in our community for work placement as they learn on the job. Their internship program is unique because of the balanced exposure it offers.


JOB Placement

At Leadspace, their job board allows members to post or respond to job listings and find work within the growing network. Leadspace is not a recruitment firm, but, knowing that start-ups need constant talent. So they have partnered with HR firms to offer our community recruitment services. At Leadspace, you will have access to high-quality talent to fill your urgent work roles when you need them.

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