Update Your Software Regularly-Why It Is Important


Why You Should Update Your Software

You have not done an update of your software in a while. Then, you got busy online, reading something important online when you suddenly received a warning.  Saying “Java software is out of date,” along with the choice to either update or run the old version. Or you got this message. “A new version of Adobe Reader software is available for update. Would you like to update the software now?”

Notify yourself  to update your software seems to happen at the most inconvenient times. Maybe you were about to reply that important email that could cost a lot of bucks.  Or finish up on a report that is due that afternoon?

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Most times, you will likely avoid downloading the latest software updates for your computer until the next day, week, or even month. All iTunes, Adobe, and the rest want is to protect your computer.  Software updates comprise of changes to improve the functioning, stability, and safety of the applications that run on your computer. Installing the updates ensures that your software continues to run well.

If you receive a software  recommendation and not tagged as optional, it is a must that you should  install it. Even the optional software update is not a bad idea. It is convenient to postpone downloading update software. But that leaves you open to security threats, and you’ll miss out on improved efficiency of your operating system. For a better understanding of the importance of updating your software, we have pointed out five vital things. Find out why software updates are essential.

The Activities of Hackers 


Many web fraudsters look for expired software with security defects so they can gain access into your operating system. Installing the latest software update protects your system from security threats. Older software usually has the same bugs and exploitable access that allow hackers and virtual criminals to break down and infiltrate a network. As software companies discover ways to repair exploitable holes in their software, hackers have found new ones. It is an endless game of cat and mouse that software companies are caught up with hackers to protect their consumers.

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Documents At Risk
Considering how nearly everything is stored digitally, your documents are now more at risk than ever before. Certain malware can corrupt and wipe out your entire records as well as transmit it from your computer to a remote server.


The story of Sony Pictures hack in 2014 shows the gravity of these attacks.  We have cases of theft of confidential company information, including private employee information, salary information, and unreleased movies before release date. Then, malware later erased Sony’s computer infrastructure.

Making an effort to update operating systems and software can help to mitigate the risk you’ll face from these kinds of threats.

Hackers Can Disenable Your Antivirus remotely

It is interesting to know that hackers do have the ability to put off computer antivirus software remotely. They can attack you from inside and have your antivirus software turned off manually. This is serious as it would mean hackers and cybercriminals have accessed your computer. This is a great motivation to check for the latest updates. And you will bother when it comes to this type of attack.


You could infect others from the threat.

Viruses can quickly spread rather fast through private and work email networks, USBs, flash drives, and removable hard drives. Making outbreaks spread quickly and corrupting other connecting systems. Installing the newest and up-to-date software for your operating system and antivirus program will allow you to get a real-time alert. Especially, when you get dangerous files, emails, and attachments. Depending on the gravity of the attack. You could save yourself some pain, loss of precious and vital data and of course, some financial damages.

You will miss out on new and exciting features

Software updates are not about doom as developers are always working to improve functionality on all kinds of apps. From the  release of the app time, developers are continually researching to add new and upgraded features. In other to make the user experience better.
This is very important for businesses as updates to sales and marketing software can improve growth. And maximize return on Investment on purchased software. Fortunately, many apps have an automatic software update option available. So you can get the benefits of developer improvements as they’re released. But, do not forget always to check to enable your automatic updates on non-security applications from time to time.

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