7 Most Relevant Cryptocurrencies Worth your Investment


Cryptocurrencies have taken the whole world by surprise. Even though there have been arguments about its longevity, bitcoin has not faltered. Every day, cryptocurrencies are becoming popular. Till now, a lot of people still debate about their value and merits. However, these currencies have carved out a niche in both investment and tech culture. Technically, while cryptocurrencies are not on the path to replace ordinary money, they have become a thing of interest in financial commodities and sometimes, as technological developments.

Interestingly, this emerging tech and finance category isn’t all about bitcoin. There are a couple of other cryptocurrencies that are currently popular. Here are the seven most relevant cryptocurrencies in 2019 that is worth your investment.

Relevant Cryptocurrencies 1: Bitcoin

Bitcoin is one of the most popular of cryptocurrencies and the reason is simple. It is the first successful cryptocurrency or ”altcoin.” Technically without Bitcoin, we would not have had any other cryptocurrency.  Think of it as the way you would think of Google Adsense. While there are other alternatives to Google Adsense, it is the most popular, because, basically, it is the first of it’s kind. There may have been no other without its existence.

Bitcoin introduced the blockchain, the universal public ledger that makes standard cryptocurrency transactions feasible. During its first few years, bitcoin floated at quite low prices as they made intensely positive predictions about its potential. To buttress the positive predictions, the currency soared and approached $20,000 late in the year of 2017. This landed it as a legitimate cryptocurrency. It is currently legitimized as the most robust cryptocurrency available. Thus, also making it one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the tech world.

Relevant Cryptocurrencies 2: Litecoin

Litecoin is an alternative to Bitcoin. It is quite a different version of bitcoin because it caters to the same audience with a product that is easier to use. It also trades at lower values because its overall supply is way higher than that of bitcoin. Furthermore, it is believed to be more secure and offers faster confirmation times for transactions. It is technically a cheaper and simpler alternative to bitcoin. Thus, people who find it difficult to understand how bitcoin works are better off using Litecoin.

Relevant Cryptocurrencies 3: Zcash

The reason why most users of bitcoin would want to port to Zcash is because of its privacy. It is seemingly more private than bitcoin Zcash is basically a twist on bitcoin that allows for more privacy.  For example, if you want to make transactions on bitcoin, it is made to ”public addresses.” Thus, all the personal information except for the person’s identity is recorded on the blockchain. With Zcash, you can make transactions with a private address. Technically, what it means is that the only thing revealed is that a transaction has taken place. Given that it is a digital space, users are very particular about their privacy. Having the option to use a private address under another platform is a significant upgrade for users.

Relevant Cryptocurrencies 4: NEM

NEM is actually one of the fast-growing cryptocurrency. It has been compared ripple as a fast-emerging cryptocurrency. NEM has a feature that is very distinctive. It can protect files, messages and also handle cryptocurrency transactions. Although it is a new idea on the cryptocurrency scene, it is definitely getting a lot of attention. This will only mean one thing; it will result in a very promising price.

Relevant Cryptocurrencies 5: Dash

Dash is a smaller version of bitcoin that has been designed to facilitate instant transactions. Dash is also, almost like a combination between Zcash and Litecoin. This is simply because it does the same thing that the two cryptocurrencies do. Instant transactions are not the only thing that Dash does. It also enables more privacy in those transactions. Quietly, in a way, Dash has become one of the most valuable altcoins on the market. This is probably because of the features that it has.

Relevant Cryptocurrencies 6: Ripple

Ripple is another type of cryptocurrency that exists. It is a little difficult to grasp or explain. However, if you want to facilitate quick, secure transactions using any currency (including non-cryptocurrencies) Ripple is the right way to go. What it isn’t is a network meant for applications. Also, it does have its own currency. It is generally regarded as XRP but sometimes called ripples. Because of its intense potential to support a lot of currencies, it is seen by a lot of people as having as much potential as any cryptocurrency network.

Relevant Cryptocurrencies 7: Ether

This cryptocurrency is also sometimes called Ethereum. It is a network that uses a bitcoin-like blockchain to aid new applications from developers. These applications are then run via digital tokens called ether, which is effectively its own cryptocurrency. Even though it is not designed as much to be useful in the real world as bitcoin and litecoin plan to be, ether is believed to have a specifically lucrative potential. Technically, more apps on the Ethereum network means more valuable ether.


Whether or not we like it, cryptocurrencies are here to stay. Recently, the value of bitcoin has gone up and many users are excited about this. If you’re not investing, we suggest that you learn more about them simply to get more information. Imagine the possibility of having a world with just digital money. With technological advancement, more and more updates will be done. Make the most out of your cryptocurrency by making more research.


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