TechMoney Africa Summit: Innovations, Money and Tech

TechMoney Africa Summit is an annual conference where tech issues are discussed. It is a platform where tech investors, gurus and interested participants meet up to have detailed conversations about the advancement of technology in Africa.

Imagine the possibilities of having a powered up Africa. Currently, the African continent is still faced with a lot of technological issues. Some of these also include poor electricity supplies, unstable telecommunications infrastructure, and poor transportation systems. On the issue of hygiene, Africa spends billions of dollars every year to tackle sanitation. The TechMoney Africa summit is aimed at rewriting the African story by using tech innovators, investors amongst others to produce a technologically advanced continent. The two-day summit looks into several tech-related issues as well as fueling permanent working solutions to technological advancement in Africa.

TechMoney Africa Summit: Looking Within

Being aware that Africa’s technological advancement can be a massive asset is a great plus. Having a tech advanced Africa will result in a lot of credible prospects. Of course, these prospects will land large amounts of money, thus, boosting the economy of every African country. In the last couple of years, Lagos Nigeria has been bursting with tech investment and innovation. You can as well say that the ecosystem driving tech investment and innovation sit in Lagos. This is perhaps the reason why Lagos is home to the summit.

The summit will ensure that innovation, technology, and strategy leaders across major enterprises and organizations in Africa come together. The aim is to ensure they engage with the next generation of exponential and disruptive technology as well as opportunity. This way, they can continue to drive value for internal and external stakeholders by being at the heart of the technology and innovation that is changing the world and as well providing real and beneficial opportunities to changing lives for the better.

TechMoney Africa Summit: Recent Events

TechMoney & Innovation Summit Africa is where all tech ecosystem meets with Investment and Capital to solve Africa’s biggest challenges. This business matchmaking event brought together leading minds in Technology, Innovation, and Finance across Africa. The aim of all of this was  to achieve the following:

  • Understand how technology can change African lives
  • Support tech start-ups and talents to enable investment securing better banking prospects
  • Educate, inspire and connect tech leaders in major public and private organizations on the latest innovation and disruption. This is designed to support citizen and customer service delivery.

Recently, the event took place on the 10th & 11th of June 2019 at the University of Lagos. It brought together all the change agents in the technological space to drive a significant development. In addition, the result of the summit intends to create a powerful platform that will allow investment into the right areas as well as using the right processes into the right products. Other aims included:

  • Building an enabling technology ecosystem and innovation in Africa
  • Signposting correct decision making.

During the event, there were carefully organized set of learnings, meetings, dealmaking, interactions, benchmarking and pitching. It also featured:

  • One to one meetings
  • Pitch stages
  • Start-up Bootcamps
  • Exhibitions
  • Enterprise Innovation Stream
  • Underhood deep dive technology sessions
  • Angel Investor training
  • Breakout sessions
  • Hackathon, amongst others.

This summit also takes place in Ghana, Kenya, and South Africa.

TechMoney Africa Invited Speakers

Speakers were invited from all facts of technological organizations. As well, academic gurus, investors, and tech experts were brought together to help widen the tech knowledge space. These speakers include:

  • Clen Cook, Executive, RIIS, South Africa
  • Dr Wuraola Abiola, Management Transformation
  • Dr. Akintoye Akindele, Partner, Synergy Capital Managers
  • Dr. Ponmile Osibo, Chief Investor Relations Officer, Unicorn
  • Jack Russo, Managing Partner, ComputerLaw Group, Silicon Valley (via videoconference)
  • Mark Cameron, WhiteSummers, Silicon Valley
  • Kola Abiola, Chairman Unicorn
  • Professor Ogundipe, Vice Chancellor of UNILAG
  • Jay Alabraba, Co-Founder Pagatech
  • Audrey Verhaeghe, Chairman South African Innovation Summit
  • Eghosa Omoigui, Partner, Echo Vc
  • Prof. Wellington Oyibo, Head of Innovation, Unilag
  • Bola Onadele, Managing Director, FMDQ
  • Danladi Verheijen, Founder, Verod Capital
  • Femi Ogunjimi, Partner, Cardinal Stone Capital; and many more

TechMoney Africa Summit: What it means for Africa

Having a technological ecosystem in Africa also comes with great profits. Not only will it boost the economic GDP of a lot of African countries, but it will also help the standard of living of its various citizens. African can easily utilize the technological world to their advantage. Truly, the African continent is blessed with intelligent minds and people. It is also projected that within ten years after intense advancement, the African continent will be among the top places to be. Some of the advantages include:

Better teaching Systems

With advanced technology, the teaching systems in schools will also improve. There are higher chances that students can use their knowledge to the fullest when everything is at their fingertips. Additionally, no student will be afraid of exploring or experimenting better ways of living. Also, teachers are more relaxed and would find that they have a better understanding of students.

Sanitation settled

As mentioned earlier, sanitation management incurs a lot of debt for Africa. Having an advanced technological system will help tackle this to a large extent. Also, there will be newer methods to actually managing hygiene which boosts health and the general lives of Africans

Better Health sector

The African health sector is also a massive task that needs to be solved together. In fact, there are more Africans who go out of the country to get treated than anyone else. This also means that the mortality rate of Africans on health-related issues is high. Being able to use technology to our advantage is so important. This way, more citizens are most likely going to get the right treatments. In addition, more specialists can easily perform surgeries and ensure better safety of their patients.

Better transportation systems

Ever got stuck in traffic? Imagine the number of hours wasted every day in traffic when you’re supposed to do something tangible. Technological advancements will reduce the risk of traffic and also accidents. Additionally, it will also be a great form of revenue for African countries. For information of the next summit, visit here.



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