7 Competitive Digital Marketing Tips You Must Try

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The competition can be intense sometimes. As a small business owner, you may be feeling like you’re lagging behind. Technically, you’re not a big company that can afford to hire a team of digital marketers to keep up with all the latest digital marketing tips; however, it does not mean you cannot be your own team. After reading this article, you will gain ”knowledge” weapons that help you beat your competitors

There are so many digital marketing tips that can bring you success. The best part is that most of your competitors don’t know how to use them. This article will be focusing on the working techniques of digital marketing and how to use them to your advantage. Here are 7 important tips you should know:

Digital Marketing Tips #1: Don’t Put Too Many Eggs In Too Many Baskets

Most startups make this mistake. They try to do everything at once without focusing on one particular one. Some will start up over 5 social media handles, open up a website and start blogging with poorly researched articles. To make matters worse, because there are so many handles, it gets confusing.

digital marketing

If you have been doing this, you need to stop it. The worst mistake a new business owner can make is managing too many social media handles. What you need for starters is to be focused and consistent. Try not to launch too many campaigns. Rather, be focused and build up your following and then introduce the campaigns as they come. Be consistent in your SEO. This will save you a lot of money in the long run and you won’t have to rely on paid advertising. Also, make sure to have the best customer relationship. It will go a lot way and get you referrals as well.

Digital Marketing Tips #2: Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is one of the newest digital marketing tips. It’s likely most of your competitors have never heard about it. In fact, those who have heard about it may be using it wrong. However, when utilized the right way, it can bring great results.

If you’ve never heard of it before, influencer marketing simply means paying or asking influential people in your niche to get the word out about you. Thus, it’s best to look out for social media influencers that are under your niche. In fact, more consumers will buy a product advertised by a social media influencer compared to someone who isn’t.

When it comes to social media users, influencers are basically the strongest referrals that your business can get. Other startups tend to do a lot of guest blogging which is outdated and now a bad idea.

Digital Marketing Tips #3: Create your own social media Niche

While a lot of startups are aware of the power of social media, they tend to overuse it. It is best to pick a few platforms that work effectively for your brand and create a hashtag unique to just you. Of course, you can add a lot of other hashtags, but it is important that it is restricted to your niche.

When you find out you have more following in one platform, make sure to engage your audience daily while you grow your audience in the other platforms. However, if there is no progress, focus on the platforms that give you more visibility.

Digital Marketing Tips #4: Email Lists Are So Important

Do not dismiss email lists. In fact, you’re probably going to have a lot more customers from emails. Unlike your social media followers, you own your email marketing list. Interestingly, a lot of your competitors are not thinking about having an email list. Rather, they are only on social media. Having an email list keeps your customers up to date about your products and increases your chances of getting more sales.

Digital Marketing Tips #5: The 80-20 Content Rule

This rule means that 80% of your successes will come from 20% of your efforts. If you’re wondering how the 80-20 rule works in terms of content, it’s quite simple. Make sure that 80% of your content should communicate VALUE while the remaining 20%should be PROMOTIONS. This means your contents are original, fresh, helps in solving issues or questions for your target audience.

Try not to be like other businesses that make their blog contents filled with too many sales content. Create smart and helpful contents that can get your readers interested in your brand. The 20% will do the rest of the magic for you. Have in mind that businesses with blogs such as these get more audience and sales than those who don’t.

Digital Marketing Tips #6: SEO Tips

SEO is actually very important and the earlier you learn it, the better. In fact, something as simple as your business name can influence your search engine. Hiring an SEO professional is a very good idea. The professional would make sure to put your website at the fore of the right places and make it visible to your target audience.  Focus more on long term strategy rather than short ones. SEO covers so many areas so of which are:

  • Website optimization.
  • Page optimization.
  • Device optimization.
  • Credible link building.

Try not to expect immediate traffic from doing SEO. If you need this, then you should look more into paid advertising.

Digital Marketing Tips #7: Boost Your User Experience

Boosting User Experience makes a great difference. There are so many ways of doing this. However, here are some popular ways of doing it:

  • Your communication channels
  • Make use of chatbots to assist in communication
  • Work on your website’s loading speed
  • Make your content clear and simple
  • An intuitive user Interface (UI)
  • Your site’s content
  • An intuitive menu navigation

Making the best choices for these different areas is dependent on your target audience. However, for good user experience, here are three important digital marketing tips you need to know:

  • Give more information in your content. It will inspire your audience and give a lasting impression of your firm. It will also boost engagement.
  • You would need good customer management strategy that will help you connect better with your customers.
  • Don’t forget video marketing. You can also do these on social media to help increase awareness, audience and eventually sales.

Being ahead of the game means using your tools effectively. If you follow these steps, you’re sure on the right track to having a very successful business.

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