Realme launches Xiaomi Mi Band rival Today!

Realme, a Chinese smartphone brand is set to launch its first fitness band in India today. It was previously scheduled to launch alongside the Realme X50 Pro smartphone but got moved to a later date. The Realme fitness band will take on the popular low-cost fitness band from Xiaomi known as the Mi Band.

 From images of the band released, we can see that it’s going to come in the colour yellow and two other colours. The wristband has a 1-inch screen that comes with a screen touch support. Also, the screen displays battery life, time as well as steps and calories count. 

The specs and pricing would surely be released today, so why don’t we keep our fingers crossed. The band is expected to run alongside the Xiaomi Mi Band series as well as the Honor Band series priced between Rs 1,500- Rs 4,000 which is ( 7,475.68-19,926.99 Naira). 

In a tweet posted ending of February, Head of Realme India Madhav Sheth shared a one minute video online. This video showed details about Realme’s products set to launch in 2020. In this video, we can see at least seven products to be launched by Realme this year. These products include a car charger, smart clock, smart weighing scale, smart speaker, fitness band, a smart TV and a smartwatch.

We gladly await the launch of all these products. Also, we give Realme a thumbs up for all the innovative inventions they are set to launch this year.

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