5 Things You Never Knew About Computer Village Ikeja

When you hear the computer village what comes to your mind? Is it the influx of individuals looking to buy gadgets daily, the tales of frauds or the fact that it houses the largest gadget market in West Africa.

 If you are new to Computer Village, then you are in for an adventure. But remember the first rule in computer village 101, STAY VIGILANT.

If you are looking for any information and Technology accessories, your chosen destination should be computer village.

Apart from the sale of tech gadgets, you can visit the market for your mobile phones and computer repairs. Anything that is unrepairable in computer village is almost impossible to fix. 

Want to know more about this market before taking a trip down?

Here are things you didn’t know about computer village:

  • Perfect Market: The first thing you didn’t know about computer village is that it is a perfect market. Look beyond the physical spread of the marketing, and how sellers are hanging at every corner looking for potential customers. Like every perfect market, in computer village, no dealer can change the price of any product it buys or sells in the market. The influx of customers into the market is high and most come with knowledge about the product they want to buy. Thus, once satisfied with a price and it tallies with his need and income, a customer makes a purchase.
  • Home to everything Tech: Ranked one of the best ICT markets in the world. Software developers, technicians and software engineers come to do business there. Home to tech-savvy youths, computer village has become a place where foreign tech companies are ready to invest. There is no tech gadget you are looking for that you could not possibly find.
  • Originally located in Surulere: Shocked, right? Yes, computer village was formerly situated in Surulere before its relocation to Ikeja. The Murtala Mohammed Airport the only international airport in Nigeria, is in Ikeja. As a result, the region became a point of import and export to other parts of the world. As Ikeja grew due to international relations so did the market grow. The only successful relocation of the market was its move to Ikeja, to make import and export need easier.

On your way to computer village already? Maybe you need to hold up a bit;

  • Home to dishonest hustlers: It is no news that the crime rate in Computer village is high. There have been tales of sales of counterfeit products and service. Most victims don’t realise until they have gotten home. Most of these sellers don’t have physical shops that you can return to as they display their merchandise on the street and walkways.  Thus, you should be careful where you make your purchase as we have registered and unregistered traders. 
  • A web of connection: Often referred to as “The silicon valley of Nigeria”. Like the American’s, well-known technology haven, wholesalers, retailers and customers do not only rely on geography but also communicate through Whatsapp groups, Instagram post and Telegram channels. Most store owners use social media to market their goods online. To fight against the issue of stolen phones, the Computer and Allied Products Dealers Association of Nigeria (CAPDAN), a trade association which comprises Ikeja Computer Village traders, solved the problem electronically. They developed a web portal to enable the market track stolen phones.

Computer Village is surely a choice destination for anything Tech. Don’t forget to like, comment and push that subscription button.

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