Recover Deleted Android Test Messages

deleted android text messages
recover deleted android text messages

How Can You Recover Deleted Android Text Messages with Ease?

While using your Android Phone, it is possible you deleted some text messages by mistake. And you will definitely want to recover  the deleted Android Test Messages. This blog post will breakdown the steps.

Recover Deleted Android Messages: Causes of Android Text Messages Loss

Some text messages that we delete by mistake have important information which we want to keep. But, events may happen, which could make vital and sensitive text messages disappear suddenly.

The possible and common reasons are as follows:

  • You may delete Android text messages by error or mistake.
  • Also, you may delete unimportant messages in other to optimize your user experience.
  •  Further, you have a virus attack which cleared your Android phone important text messages. Virus attack is a major cause of deleted Android text messages. If we don’t do something about the virus, it will affect more files. To repair this, you have to apply a professional antivirus to scan your Android device and get rid of the virus attack.
  • When you do a phone update to the latest Android version but lose your messages are in the process. When a new Android version is released, people, users will update to the latest Android version in other to enjoy its new features. But sometimes, after Android update, some of your files on the Android device may go missing.
  • Similarly, when you restore your Android Phone to factory settings, you can lose all of the text messages.

When you put your Phone on Phone on factory reset, it fixes many Android phone problems. For instance, if a file virus is stuck in your Android device, factory reset option can restore your device to factory settings. This will clear its memory space off all files.

But, after the factory reset, it will delete all Android data and text messages.

  •  When you lost your Android device.
  •  When you drop your device on the floor heavily, and it breaks.

Recovery of Deleted Android Text Messages

First, your Android device must be with you, after which you turn it on.
Then, new data does not overwrite the deleted Android text messages. You can use the Android data recovery software to recover deleted Android text messages.

Make sure to recover the deleted Android contacts back on time because once you write new data, over them you can no longer recover them.
Likewise, you will have to stop using your Android device when you want to recover deleted text messages.

There are so many softwares on the internet that claim to perform the function of recovering deleted Android text messages. So, you should be careful of which exactly to use.

Part 2: How to Recover Deleted Android Text Messages

For this blog article, we will use MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android, developed by MiniTool Solution Ltd. The software offers two recovery type of modules listed below:

  1. Recover from Phone,
  2. Recover from SD-Card.

With these two recovery methods, you have the chance to get back deleted and lost data from your android phone. The recovered data types are text messages, phone contacts, call history, WhatsApp, and document data. Likewise, media data such as images, APP photos, videos, and audios.

Hence, this software will recover your lost and deleted Android messages. It happens that Mini Tool recovery software has a free edition which allows you to recover the messages.

Furthermore, Mini Tool Recovery works on the desktop tool and not on th app. Hence, you should download and install the program on your personal computer or Mac.

recover deleted android text messages
android text messages




At the same time, no matter which Android data recovery software you use, you need to root your Android device in advance before use. When all is set, you connect your Android Phone to the personal computer and begin your Android message recovery process.

Note: You need to shut down any other Android software before you use this software. Otherwise, it may not function.

Step 1

Double click on the software’s icon, open it, and go into its main interface. To recover deleted Android text messages, click on, ‘Recover from Phone’ module to continue.

deleted android text messages
recover deleted android text messages

Step 2

The software will analyze your Android Phone. This process is quick, and you will enter the following interface if you haven’t allowed USB debugging from this computer.

When the interface appears, keep checking to allow from the computer on your Android Phone. Then, click the OK button to choose this option.

ecover deleted android text messages
recover deleted android text messages

If you have not activated USB debugging on your Android Phone, you will see the interface below. Many Android versions have different steps to activate USB debugging. Please choose the corresponding Android version from this interface and follow the guide to enable USB debugging.

ecover deleted android text messages
recover deleted android text messages

But, if it happens that  you already activate your the USB debugging option, unplug your Android Phone and connect it again to your PC.


Step 3: Enter The Ready To Scan Interface

Enter this ‘Device Ready to Scan’ interface. In the interface, you will see all the files this software can recover. The files are listed on the top side and followed by two (2) scan methods.

recover deleted android text messages
recover deleted android text messages

The Quick Scan is a more efficient way to recover deleted Android text message. Click on the lower side blue button, on the right and click Next to continue.

Step 4: Choose The Scan Method

The Quick Scan will first analyze and scan your Android Phone. When these are finished, enter the scan results on the interface like this.

In other to retrieve your text messages that are deleted back Android, select Messages from the left type list and the items. This includes existing and deleted messages. They will display on the midsection of the interface.

 deleted android text messages
recover deleted android text messages

You can choose one item on the interface and preview the detailed information on the right side. Afterward, check the items you want to recover and click on the ‘Recover button’ to continue. When you get to the scan result interface, you can switch the blue-button from OFF to ON. Hence, this will make the software display only the deleted Android messages.

In the midsection of this interface, the Name and Phone number of the deleted items will appear as red and quite easy to recognize.

Step 5

A pop-out window will appear where you can save items you selected on the default storage path. Also, you can click ‘Browse button’ on the window to select another location to save.

Lastly, your preferred messages will save to the indicated storage path. Hence, you can open the folder and see the items you have recovered.

The Free Edition gives access to recover 10 Android messages. To use more, you have to purchase the full version from the MiniTool official site.

Furthermore, to recover deleted messages from your iPhone, MiniTool can also provide you with data recovery software. Called MiniTool Mobile Recovery for iOS. This software can recover deleted messages on an iPhone in three ways.

Part 3: Back up Your Android Messages

Text messages on the Android Phone can suddenly disappear by accident. Therefore, it is important to back up your Android messages. You can back up your Android messages into your google gmail.

The backup process is quite easy. Just prepare these three items: your Android phone, SMS Backup+ from the (Google Play Store) and a Gmail account.

Also, you can also make a copy of important messages to your computer or write them down.

Part 4: Conclusion

This blog post discussed how to use MiniTool Mobile Recovery for Android to recover deleted Android text messages.

Using the phone Recovery module of this tool, you can scan your Android device, find your messages data, select the items you want to retrieve, and save them to your computer.

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