Seven Things You Should Know About Car45

Factts about car 45

Car 45 is Nigeria’s biggest car auction service provider assisting hundreds of people in selling their cars. Similarly, they also develop the base for e-commerce that permits sellers and buyers of used vehicles to exchange value on time. Hence,  providing cheap and relevant information required for decision making. Likewise, Car45 have numerous inspection centers at various locations to make it easy for customers to sell their cars.

facts about car 45

The following are seven facts worthy of note about Car45.

  • A new way to sell used cars
    They will inspect and sell your car for a reasonable price, all within one hour. Certainly, they are able to do this through their secure and easy process. Furthermore, their network of centers uses internally developed market intelligence. And also a skilled and professionally trained team to carry out inspections and evaluations.
  • A first of a kind opportunity for car dealers
    Cars45 enables a unique platform for selling used cars in Nigeria. Hence, this gives a network of buyers the fastest way to find the specific vehicle that meets the demand of their buyers.
    Consequently, with a large volume of pre-inspected Cars45 used vehicles from across the country. Similarly, they provide the safest marketplace for everyone.
  • Inspection services
    For those who desire to know the status of their vehicles. Car45 will provide an independent evaluation of vehicles. Car45 will examine any vehicle or a large fleet and give a thorough analysis of the state of the car.
  • Evaluation
    Even more, Car45 gives a fair assessment of cars or a company fleet. They offer this service to interested people. All you need do is to book for an inspection and know the real worth of your vehicle.
  • Pre-purchase evaluation
    For those, anyone wants to buy a used car, and need to know the real value of the vehicle. Furthermore, Car 45 can arrange an appointment to see the said car and provide a thorough evaluation and report of the vehicle you want to buy.
  • Fleet Liquidation
    They do liquidate fleet of vehicles and can purchase a large number of cars at the same time.

The Process is Broken Down As Follows:

  • Car Valuation. : Verified Documents and paperwork
  • Simple Car Transfer and payment
  • Transparent Inspection
  • Get a price upfront
  • Fast, safe and easy sale
  • Sell Immediately
  • Sell in any condition
  • Get paid safely into your account

1. Get an Online Car Valuation
Car45 valuation tool is simple, free, and shows an instant online quote. Their price agreement ensures that you obtain the same price given online. Which will probably be similar to the current value of the car.

abour car 45

2. Schedule an appointment
You can schedule an appointment on car45 using the evaluation form on their home page. Once you have scheduled an appointment,  their agents will call to verify your appointment. Hence, direct you to the nearest center to you.
During the Inspection, their professional auto experts will check the standing of the car. This ranges from Electricals, Suspension, Previous Body Works, Tires, Engine Status, Air Conditioner, Gear, Interior, etc.

sell your car

3. Sell the car
After the evaluation, Car 45 will state the price they are willing to pay.  And once the customer agrees,  they pay into the seller’s bank account.  All these are done within forty-five minutes. Their vision is to do all these quick, efficient, and free of delays.

Drive away your dream car
Car45 is in collaboration with CarsBazr to offer evaluated and verified Nigerian used cars. Certainly, from a large pool of Nigerian makes and models from
To get your next car, visit any Carsbazr to choose the vehicle you want and you can also trade-in your existing car as a credit against a new one.

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