Konga Eyes $10 Million Daily Turnover By 2024

To realise the target, Konga has disclosed that it has seen remarkable growth and operational efficiency. These are major factors that contribute to the projection.

Konga Co-CEO (Online), Nick Imudia made known the brand’s ambitious plans. Nick Imudia has revealed that Konga has put in place necessary structures to achieve this goal. To this end, he stated that Konga would work meticulously to reach a target of $5 million daily turnover by 2022. This is preparation towards realizing the $10 million set target by the end of 2024.
Konga has stood out since its establishment in Nigeria. It is one of the foremost pioneers’ e-commerce market in Nigeria.

Imudia said: “Konga has used the last decade to lay a solid foundation for e-commerce business in Nigeria. Konga built trustworthy relationships with customers and potential investors across the Nigerian business spectrum. With the high level of trust the brand has gained among shoppers in and out of Nigeria, it is safe to say Konga is ready to scale big in the early part of this third decade. Thus, we are targeting a $10 million daily turnover by 2024. We will meet half of this target at least by 2022. To meet this target, we would be relying on the efficiency we have brought to bear on the business, and the renewed confidence the Konga brand enjoys among critical stakeholders.”

K-Xpress to the rescue

“There is no iota of doubt that Konga remains in prime position to attain this target, especially when one looks at the consistent growth the brand has recorded in the past years. Konga has grown over eight times since the business was acquired by the Zinox Group.”

“Secondly, we have consistently reduced our losses by nearly 70%. Added to this is the addition of new and thriving business units such as Konga Travel, among others. All of which have enjoyed huge growth and massive acceptance by our rapidly expanding customer base.”

Imudia also disclosed that Konga has made significant moves in resolving the challenge of logistics through K-Xpress.

We shall continuously grow investor confidence in Nigeria’s e-commerce sector – Nick Imudia

Furthermore, he also revealed Konga state-of-the-art regional warehousing facilities. Thes warehousing facilities allow it to retain huge inventory in diverse states and locations. While fulfilling customers’ orders in the shortest possible time.

“Furthermore, we are not relenting on our determination to continually meet and exceed the aspirations of our numerous customers, no matter who they may be and where they may be. In addition to this, we shall continuously grow investor confidence in Nigeria’s e-commerce sector. We will help everyone to see the brighter side of e-commerce business in Nigeria, even as we consistently explore ways of ways of upgrading our processes and raising the standard of service delivery and customer satisfaction in the sector.

‘‘We will be rolling out additional new business units in the weeks and months ahead. These additions will excite our customers and expand the Konga retail revolution to new verticals. To make the shopping experience a memorable one for our customers, we have also lined up various value-adding services and promotions throughout the year. These assets and many others too numerous to mention will shape the Nigerian e-commerce sector in 2020 and the succeeding years,’’ he concluded.

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