How to Buy Refurbished Gadgets

Making a choice to buy a refurbished tech product will actually save you money when compared to getting a new one. This comes at a time where there is an increase in demand for tech products. Getting a refurbished product seems to be the best option. It may even be the only chance of getting your hands on a particular product when retail channels seem to be strained.

The word ‘refurbished’ however, doesn’t sit well with some people. Getting a new product means there is a guarantee that it hasn’t been used before however, a refurbished product is a gamble despite being affordable.

For it to be sold as a refurbished product that means it was either broken or damaged such that it required repair. Another instance is that its previous owner suddenly decided they didn’t need it any longer and returned it to the store.

Refurbished products saves you cost

What makes a refurbished product depends on the seller, there are US laws that safeguard the interest of customers. These US laws prevent once-used tech from being sold as new. Still, buying refurbished products raises a lot of questions. Was the refurbishment done by the original manufacturer or by a third-party company? Will it look used when received or it will be in a new-like state. Does it come with a warranty? Who will be held accountable when it breaks?

it becomes clear why people just save themselves the stress and just pay extra for something new. However, it is possible to save cash and still get a good refurbished product without getting swindled.  Below we have carefully tips that you can follow when trying to get a refurbished product.  Some trustworthy retailers will also be listed. It doesn’t come with some sort of risk but we are sure you can get some great devices at lower costs.


Buying a ‘renewed’ product from an original manufacturer is quite safer and you can guarantee the quality of your product.

The manufacturer will pay more attention to standards and properly refresh and repackage the product. More importantly the manufacturer will have more access to authentic components and materials. They made the product so they are the perfect candidate to refurbish it.

However, you still have to remain at alert, cross all your T’s by asking the right questions. Simple to put, have a criteria for whatever you are purchasing.

Here are some questions to start with:

  • What condition is it in? Is it in like-new condition or somewhat used?
  • Does it come with all original accessories and documentation?
  • What kind of warranty does it have, and who is providing it?

The answers to those questions aren’t necessarily obvious. Sometimes, the product might be visibly damaged, only have a six-month warranty, or come in a different box. This is still ok as long as you are aware before buying it. You can even use this to your advantage. How? Many resellers tend to reduce the price of the product if it is not in perfect condition.


Ultimately, that’s your call to make. Most companies thoroughly clean products before reselling them. Though, this doesn’t change the mindset of some people as they feel those products can never really be clean in.

The most important is to make sure that you get a product that the warranty can support you if the product malfunctions. If your product is said to arrive in a well-packaged state make sure it does.


Refurbished products do not get the front sit on retail outlets like Best Buy, Amazon, or B&H Photo.  You also won’t find them sitting on the homepage of Apple, Google, Nintendo, Sonos, or Olympus, to name a few. This doesn’t mean they are not available on these sites. Here are some places to try.

Amazon Warehouse: This section of the retailer’s site is dedicated to refurbished products or ‘renewed’ like Amazon calls it. Here is the fine print from Amazon on its renewed devices:

[Amazon Renewed products] have been professionally inspected and tested to work and look like new by Amazon-qualified and performance-managed suppliers. The inspection and testing process typically includes a full diagnostic test, replacement of any defective parts, and a thorough cleaning process carried out by the supplier, or by Amazon. The products have no visible cosmetic imperfections when held 12 inches away. The products may be packaged in a generic box and come with the accessories expected for a new product, with exceptions, if any, mentioned on the product detail page.

Refurbished products from good sources comes in great working conditions

eBay; This is another good source for refurbished tech of all kinds. Official reseller pages from brands like Nintendo exist, which you can trust for selling high-quality refurbished products. Best Buy, Dell, DJI, and other major retailers also sell refurbished tech through eBay, and you can trust their products. In case you plan to buy from a one-off seller, you can check their ratings and reviews as a guide. Make use of the questions listed above when you shop.

Apple: Apple has one of the best refurbishment programs around. All products sold will arrive in “like new” condition. It also comes with at least 15 percent in savings compared to the cost of a brand-new device. Refurbished Products come in a white box with all of the original accessories. It also has a one-year warranty. Apple goes a long way to refurbish its product, it replaces the battery and the outer shell of all iOS devices.

Google: It sells few refurbished products through its Google Store. It comes in like-new condition, cleaned and repaired. They also come with a one-year warranty directly through Google.


You are lucky if your favourite brand sells refurbished tech. It’s possible that some brands do not offer dedicated shops for these kind of goods.

The chances are in your favor that your favorite brand sells refurbished tech. It’s possible that some brands don’t offer their own dedicated shop for refurbished goods. In that case, sites like Backmarket, Decluttr, Daily Steals, and others offer refurbs. They usually come with a good warranty. In fact, there are sites dedicated to selling refurbished products. 

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