Airpeace Flight Online Booking Steps 2019

We all know about Airpeace, in my opinion, the most flown airline in Nigeria this season. Most people want to fly Airpeace because of the Neat fleet of Aircraft and friend hostesses.

This Airline was birth in 2013 and has come to stay locally and international as they recently got their international license to fly.

Booking your Airpeace flight is as easy as subscribing your Gotv :). Yeah, that’s right, you can easily book your ticket online with your internet-enabled phone or pc, and you can pay using several options including Interswitch/Quickteller, Mastercard, Visa, and even Verve.

Let’s go through the process of Booking a flight together.

1. Point your browser to and the page below will show up.
2. In the article, we’ll book a one-way ticket from Lagos to Abuja. Select your destination from the drop-down menu and choose between one way and return ticket. Select your departure date and add the number of people you’re travelling with.


3. You’ll be presented with the flight prices on the next page. There are three price options; Economy, Economy Flexi, and Business which of course carries a different rate from Business being the highest. Select one and click next below it to continue to the next page.

4. This is the page where you’ll provide your details.
airpeace air
Sliding a little down, you find the payment options. You can choose any payment option that is convenient for you. For this booking, I’ll choose the book on hold option which allows for Pay direct (Paying directly in Any Bank branch near you) and Quickteller payment (Online).

airpeace payment

You’ll be presented with a confirmation code which is the code you need to make payment online or in the banking hall.

Now that you have your Booking Reference Number, head over to and input your confirmation number and then click on proceed. Quickteller will fetch all your information and will give you the option to pay with your Naira ATM card.

Once you complete your payment, you’ll get an email from Airpeace with your flight ticket. You can print it out or go with the ticket email to present at the checking point in the airport. Don’t forget to go to the airport with a means of identification during checking and boarding.

Why do I use the book on hold option? So that I can pay via bank deposit if the online method fails.

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