How to Book Arik Air Flight, 2020

Arik Air is a top airline operating in Nigeria. They offer both local and international flights within Nigeria and outside the country. They have state of the art flying experience such that you are in for a treat flying Arik air. 

With scheduled flights to over 22 airports in Nigeria, 9 airports in Africa and London Heathrow and New York JFK Arik Air takes care of your trips.
With several awards to their name like;

  • “This day Airline of the Year” by This day Newspapers, awarded in 2010, 2009 and 2007,
  • “Best Security and Safety Conscious Airline Award” in 2013, 2012, 2011 and 2010 during the Security Watch Africa Awards,
  • “Company of the Year” in 2012 during the Leadership Annual Conference and Awards.

Arik Air booking is easy and fast online without having to visit any office. You visit their website to check flight schedules and destinations. You can book both local and international flights online.

Why Book Arik Air Local or International Flight Online

Booking your ticket online is easier. Tickets are sent and easily retrieved anytime anywhere. You can access this through Arik booking portal, which also puts you at ease that you are buying the right ticket.

Steps to book your ticket on Arik Air.

  1. The first thing is to visit their website at Visit
  2. Search for the book flight section
  3. State if it’s a One-way, Return flight or Multi destinations
  4. Choose the airport you intend flying from and destination.
  5. Select the time frame of your trip, when you want to leave and return date.
  6. choose the preferred class.
  7. Select your age group
  8. Enter your booking location and click “search and book”. Available flights would be displayed. In case there is no available flight for you, it would display next available flights.
  9. Proceed to book a flight
  10. Enter your Name, date of birth, Passport number (international travel), Email address, your phone number, your destination phone number, and choose if you need travel insurance.
  11. Click CONTINUE to confirm a booking.
  12. Your information pops up for review and confirmation. Once correct, proceed to select preferred means of payment.
  13. Once correct, proceed to select preferred means of payment then click the ACCEPT TERMS AND CONDITIONS after reading it.
  14.  Click “continue to payment”.
  15. You proceed to the payment gateway and make your payment. After confirming your payment your Arik Air e-ticket is sent to your mail.
  16. Finally, print out your ticket.

You can see that booking your ticket with Arik is like a trip to the park. Fast, easy and fun. If by chance you encounter any problem use the contact info on their website and they are sure to respond immediately.

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