Will Advanced Technology Be Built In Our Bodies?

advanced technology

Advanced technology has completely taken over the world. It has also brought with it a change in civilization. With just one click, you have access to almost everything. With this huge advancement (newer inventions and updates coming up daily), one can only imagine what the future would really look like. Already, predictions that were seen as exaggerated and unrealistic in older sci-fiction have already come to life. Things like virtual reality and live streaming were dreamed up years ago. You can see examples in movies like 1984 and Total Recall

It shouldn’t be a surprise now when a new and awe-inspiring technology comes out. Over a decade ago, no one would have believed that technology would soon be internalized. However, at this present age and time, it seems like a very possible reality.

Advanced Technology’s Future

One of the leading speculators of this theory is technology futurist and geopolitical expert, Jamie Metzl. He is the author of the recently published Hacking Darwin. He suggests that there will be a shift towards internalized technology at one point in the future. Contact lenses and digital lenses will be one of the things that will make this very possible. On the popular Joe Rogan podcast, this 51-year old entrepreneur estimates that in 20 years,  people will consider smartphones of today the same way we see the early bulky and heavy phones. He believes physical devices will cease to exist. What will be replaced, however, is an internal way of viewing the internet.

In the instance of a rise in internal technology, the online casino industry is likely to be at the heart of it. New technology needs a lot of money. Thus, for it to exist and thrive, it needly a highly rich sector backing it. The online Casino can help generate a lot of money needed for new technology. Also, this industry has shown that it can easily adapt to a changing technological landscape. For instance, there have been moves by developers such as NetEnt and Microgaming to incorporate VR into their games.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality As Part

Internalized technology of the future can be an enhancement of VR. However, by that time, it would have gotten rid of the chunky headsets. The headsets may eventually end up to the size of tiny ear pods. As for Augmented reality, devices will probably be replaced with lenses. This way people can see realities asides their own without wearing or holding something heavy. During this period, many games will be in the market that makes good use of VR. In addition, there may be full virtual casino experiences.

In the last ten years, the growth and advances in technology have been astounding. And it seems that new innovations are coming about faster than ever. There is a real possibility that technology will soon become internalized, and the need to carry physical devices will no longer exist.

Advanced Technology: A Future World of Sensors

Early attempts at predictive interactions exist. There is a Japanese vending machine that recognizes the age and sex of the user. It then presents choices based on the demographic breakdown. There is also the scary but brilliant ability of McDonald’s to predict what you’re going to order based on the kind of car you drive. Most times, it is always 80% correct.

The sensor world will become richer and more precise. Also, a lot of businesses and companies will have to adapt to this new trend. In a world where there is internalized technology, the limits are endless.

Advanced Technology: Internalised Technology will bring a new Language of Interaction

The new language is what will be the most fun. Not only will this internalized advanced technology have a new language, but it will also be easy. It will be subtle and extremely intuitive. It will focus more on subtle expressions and micro-gestures. Imagine a situation where you needed to move the mouse in the same direction as it moved on the screen. You would have gotten pretty annoyed and impatient. This is the same for the gestural interface, Technically, you can just rub your fingers together rather than swiping your arm. Wouldn’t it be nice to select something simply by staring at it? Or nodding to accept something. This world can be possible when there are hundreds of tiny sensors mapping every movement within and outside our bodies. To secure privacy, you would have to do gestures it won’t recognize

A scenario of Advanced Technology when Internalized

Imagine this situation. You just found this attractive person and you really like him/her. With your lenses and sensors, you get a projected version of his social profile. It clearly shows that it is a 92% match. Just by staring at him/her for two seconds, you trigger a pairing protocol. He/she becomes aware that you want to pair. How? you may ask. The answer is quite simple. By now, you’re glowing slightly red in his retina screen. Then, you slide your tongue over your left incisor and gently press it. This automatically tingles his left incisor. If he responds by touching it, then the pairing protocol is completed. This can only happen with advanced technology.


One of the most beautiful parts of these micro gestures and expressions is that they are completely intuitive. Technically, people who fancy others would stare at them for longer periods. Licking your lips is a flirtatious gesture even in the real world. As we move closer to natural human-computer interface, the possible interactions are limitless. With newer technology emerging every day, the next decade or century may just have the right tools for a new world with sensors. While there may be disadvantages, the advantage may outweigh more. Also, with better updates, opportunities will exist in its thousands. One can only wonder what benefits await with the new technology. However, we cannot dispute the fact that it really will be amazing. Already, with newer devices being made daily, people are getting familiar slowly with the idea that internalized advanced technology will come in soon.





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