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video edit tools


New to the video editing world? Then a free editing software is your best choice. Most available free video editors are narrow, but they are easy to use and meet almost all of your basic demands like cutting, trimming, cropping, or rotating.

Our top five focuses on the best editing software we could find, and it will give you a summary of what you can expect from each.


Cyberlink PowerDirector

Most noteworthy, we chose the CyberLink Power Director as the best total program. Its full array of tools will satisfy the new user and the expert. It is full of the same tools found in professional video editing software. Also, its 99-track timeline gives you the flexibility to complete complex projects.

video editing tool

Cyberlink is often the first to come out with new and creative features. Similarly, it developed the multi-cam feature for consumer-level software. That technology was earlier found in professional programs like Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro.

Hence, this program gives almost unlimited flexibility.  Furthermore, you can make easy videos fast but also dig deeply complex projects. It might not be possible to edit a feature film with this software. Above all, it is more than capable of that task. In our ease-of-use assessment, PowerDirector earned an A.

Likewise, the interface is instructive, the tools are accessible, and even the most traditional features are easy to learn. As a result, you can unravel the full potential of the program easily if you learn how to use the tools properly.


  •  Simple to learn, irrespective of skill level.
  • Has every video editing tool needed.
  • Outstanding exported video quality.


  • Cannot export into the MOV file format.
  • Requires time to learn usage.
  • No Mac version of the software is available.


For a practical editing program at a fair price, choose the VideoPad. It is noteworthy that this software has many of the tools available in the best video editing software. You’ll find the familiar timeline/storyboard workflow, along with many other means such as titles and credits, effects and transitions, and a chroma-key.

Likewise, it also has some advanced tools you need to make a super great video, therefore you will need to get a stabilizer to smooth out unstable footage. Preferably a 4K compatibility for footage from the newest cameras, 3D editing, motion tracking and more.

video editing tool

While there are some critical trade-offs. Certainly, there are no themes or templates. So, you’ll need to build every work from scratch – not very appealing for beginners. Similarly,  It also lacks an automatic video and slideshow creator, which are also great for novices. While this program lacks multi-cam and 360-degree editing features that would be available on more expensive programs, consequently, If you want the newest, amazing effects and great tools, this is not the program for you.


  • Unlimited video/audio editing tracks.
  • Compatible with the ultra-high-definition 4K video resolution.
  • Price-to-feature ratio best of all the applications reviewed.


  • Lacks advanced features like multi-cam and action-cam modules.
  •  Finished and exported videos do have limitations like pixelation and motion blur.
  • No automatic video creator.

Wondershare Filmora

Filmora makes video editing simple enough for everyone, especially the first users. Its basic workflow helps new users learn the basics and produce high-quality videos.
The whole experience is geared towards making it as simple to turn your project into reality. However, it is simplified to the core. All the tools are accessible from the main window on the interface, and there’s no guesswork as to what a tool does or using it.

It’s a great way to familiarize yourself with the procedure. Wondershare Filmora enables work tools like cut, cropping to advanced features like picture-in-picture editing, audio mixer, chroma-key, split screen, video stabilization, and so more.

video editing tool

Filmora excels at teaching people to use these tools, and whoever is patience to learn will find it useful. Filmora also has some of the best sharing options. When the project is finished, you can export it to a sharable file, upload it to YouTube (or other video-sharing sites) or even burn a DVD.


  • Geared specifically for beginners and non-editors.
  • All tools and features can be accessed from the window.
  • Available for both PC and Mac.


  • No 3-D or 360-degree video editing.
  • No storyboard mode.

Adobe Premiere Elements

The best editors have tools that get projects finished on time. Of all the fast-editing features we saw, Adobe Premiere Elements is the best.

The program’s quick mode is one of three editing modules within the program, and it provides two video creation options. The first is a simple trimming feature; load file you want to cut and select the video’s focus (action or people).

video editing tool

The program then uses its smart trim technology to highlight the best parts of a video and cuts out the rest. The second option allows multiple videos to be selected and set on what Adobe calls the “Scene Line.” This is a version of a traditional storyboard editing workflow which enables you to arrange clips and add other essential elements like music, text, and transitions.


Offers multiple ways to learn editing.


-Not many sharing options when compared to other available editing programs.

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro

One of the unique features we encountered is MAGIX’s timeline. MAGIX calls this “object-based editing.” It allows you to put any media on any of its massive 200 editing tracks.
Other video editing applications have dedicated tracks for video, audio, images, effects, etc.


video editing tool

Object-based editing makes the program more dynamic and simple to manage tracks. This program also employs proxy editing, in which the program makes lower-resolution copies of videos to use during the editing process. This cuts down on time it takes to import, render, and preview projects before they are exported. When you have finished the project, it uses the source files to export the finished project.


You can put any media on any editing track.



Downloading and installing the entire effects library takes a long time.

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