Microsoft announces Ads Updates for August 2021 

Microsoft has released a statement on its new product for advertisers and marketers. Here is all you need to know about Microsoft’s new Ads update.

Microsoft Ads Target Impression share

Microsoft Ads new release “Target Impression share” will be similar to Google Ads in so many ways. It will automatically position your bids where you want them and also direct your ads to your targeted audience. 

Target Impression Share is great if you are focused on getting more visibility for your brand. Although it may cost more to run, it is totally worth every penny.

As an advertiser using the new Microsoft Ads feature, you can also dictate where you want to appear on the search engine page. “Top of page’’ implies that you want your ads to appear among the first set of ads on the first SERP. You can also choose to appear at the very top on the first page by choosing the “Absolute top of the page” option. 

Target Impression Share is a terrific bid strategy for:

  • Visibility and awareness — Help your brand get premium visibility both during sustained periods and/or promotion periods.
  • Competitive advantage — Stay on top of the competition by maximizing your impression share.
  • More volume — By optimizing your ad placement, you increase your likelihood for more clicks and conversion volume.

 New automated extensions

Microsoft Ads August Updates: New Bidding Strategy, New Automated Extensions,  & More - Flying Eze

In light of the new release, Microsoft will also be launching some new automated extensions that will be accessible to all advertisers. They will have access to opt in or out of these extensions through Microsoft Advertising online. The extensions include:

  • Dynamic Location: Enhances ads with location information from your location extensions and Bing Maps
  • Dynamic Multimedia: Enhances ads with multimedia assets, such as images and videos (begins flighting in early 2022)
  • Syndication Decorations: Enhance ads with additional decorations added by search partners.

Account Labeling

To all advertisers that have multiple accounts, organizing accounts can present some sort of challenge. With the new Microsoft manager account labeling being released this month, you can easily organize your accounts. The new manager account level allows you to tag campaigns, accounts, keywords, and ads in your management account with labels. You can also pivot insights and reports with those labels.

You’ll need to add the Label column to your account grid to see labels tagged to your individual accounts.

Also, you can create and manage these labels by locating the ‘label’ option within your account toolbar. 

Track product-specific conversions with product conversion goals

To all its advertisers who make use of Shopping Campaigns, Microsoft is also going to launch a new development feature that allows advertisers to understand their customers better with product conversion goals. You will get more insight into what products interests your customers when they click on your ads. 

Product view of the new optional capability to track product purchases after creating a new conversion goal.

Benefits of Microsoft product conversion goals 

  • Consistency-  product conversion goals help improve the alignment of Microsoft conversion reporting with your internal tracking and reporting for product-level sales.
  • Improved accuracy — Product conversion goals enhance the reporting accuracy of conversion tracking for specific product selection. 
  • Increased optimization opportunities — With an increased conversion reporting from your product conversion goals, you can discover new optimization opportunities and improve the level of their performance. 

Changes to Unified Campaigns

To wrap it up, Microsoft advertising also announced updates for unified campaigns based on feedback from existing users.

  •  Instagram posting: Unified campaigns users using the social media section can now post directly to their Instagram accounts.
  • New billing experience: Unified campaigns users now have access to the same billing page as Expert mode users.
  • Updates to the campaign management experience: Using user feedback, Microsoft has made several adjustments to improve the usability of unified campaigns. 
  • Updates to access management and user invitation: Unified campaigns users can now grant other Microsoft Ads users managerial access to their account. 

  • Last but not least, users of unified campaigns are now able to manage multiple sub-accounts underneath a single parent account. Manager accounts are able to:
    • Create multiple unified campaigns accounts underneath the same manager account.
    • Create a mix of unified campaigns and expert mode accounts underneath the same manager account.
    • Link to and from manager accounts that contain a combination of unified campaigns and expert mode accounts.

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